Were you disappointed with Ninja Warrior Season Finale?


Aus Ninja Warrior.jpgNot one of the 24 Ninja Warrior finalists were able to make it past Stage 2 of the finale course, when Season 2 came to an end on Tuesday night.

Fans of the hit Channel 9 TV show “Australian Ninja Warrior” were left a little disappointed when they were given no winner on Tuesday night. Season 2 of the Australian version of the show saw none of the 24 finalists complete the intense fitness course, and viewers are disappointed that no one completed the course and “won” the show.

Executive Producer Julie Ward said that while she was also a little disappointed, she urged viewers to have patience. “We make it tough but we don’t make it unbeatable,” she told news.com.au. “We want somebody to win.”

“In testing, that course was do-able. It’s just that nobody did it on the night. There were several of them that could have gone all the way and done it.”

Fans of American Ninja Warrior, the original US show, had to wait 7 years for a winner to be crowned. It seems we may have a bit more of a wait before we can see a winning run.

Brisbane engineering student Rob Patterson took out the award for Fastest and Furtherest. Applications for Season 3 have already opened online.