Perth Children’s Hospital lead contamination report

The Government has outlined it’s plan to fix lead contamination by flushing phosphate through the hospital pipelines.

Childrens hospital

It has been an ongoing before the unveiling of the new Perth Children’s Hospital with the most resent explanation of the lead contamination the “dead leg” pipe being reportedly unlikely to explain the cause of the contamination.

With the ongoing lead contamination of the Perth’s Children Hospital water system the Western Australian Government has sought to distance itself from an independent report, seeking to put blame on the head contractor.

As per the building commission report last month the source of the lead contamination is supposed to be residue from an old, cut off “dead leg” water pipe in the water system. The Government disputes the source of the residue and has now released its own report conducted by the Department of Treasury and the Department of Health

The Jacobs report said because the hospital was still recording lead levels, and the dead leg was removed in September, it is “unlikely to explain the persistence of the lead problem”.

Photo: Treasurer Ben Wyatt (l) and Health Minister Roger Cook say there is no current risk. (ABC News: Eliza Laschon)

“The Building Commission recommend the state carry out additional tests to determine the proportions of lead that came from any of the identified sources,” Building Commissioner Peter Gow said.

“Any further testing that clarifies the relative contributions is welcome.”