Victoria shaken awake

Over night Victoria has be rudely awaken by a earthquake at around
9:00pm Monday night. Measuring 2.3 on the richter scale and most people
around the Dandenong Ranges, Warragul and Gippsland area’s in
country Victoria. It is believed they’re was no damage from the earth
quake, though did send a shiver through the spines of all people who
felt it.

melbourne map

People took to social media to make sure they weren’t just feeling
something with people tweeting out
– “That awkward moment who there’s an #earthquake but you aren’t
sure whether it was your game just being loud or a truck smash.”
– “I thought it was thunder, didn’t even think twice. It wasn’t until it was
all over FB I realised there’s no storm!”
This happened after a horrid week in Melbourne with an ISIS linked
gunman used an escort hostage to lure police to a Brighton apartment.