The contestant’s time in the Love Island villa has been as chilled as Perth’s current weather. There has been a few heartaches, tears shed, and some sassy remarks along the way, but nothing as bad as the drama that went down on last night’s episode.

If we quickly throwback to last Thursday’s episode, it was the hardest dumping the villa has had to handle. The Australian public decided it was Elias’ time to leave the villa, but on top of that the strongest couple in the villa, Eden and Erin, were made to decide which boy should also be sent home. Between Australia’s very own Charlie Hunnam look alike, Jaxon and the villa’s self proclaimed prettiest, Justin.

Justin was unfortunately the one to go, which brought a tear to everyone in the villa’s eye, as well as everyone at home.

But that was only the start.

As Justin was packing his belongings, Tayla said that what Erin and Eden had decided was “unforgivable”. Erin being the strong, independent women she is, confronted Tayla about the comment, asking “Did you really say that? Are you really not going to forgive us? What would you have done?”

Then Eden got involved, being the strong independent man he is and THIS HAPPENED

(Prepare yourselves for shirts to be torn and graphic language)

The fight was then broken up by new boy Dom and since this is Love Island, things move fast and the incident was resolved VERY QUICKLY. Erin and Tayla had a calm chat about how the fight was due to a lack of communication and the boys just pretended it never happened. 

Can’t wait for tonight’s episode!