The Basement Bake Sale Launch

We may have been broadcasting for a couple of months now but we finally officially launched The Basement amidst much fanfare last Tuesday with bake sales at the Leederville and Northbridge TAFE campuses. For weeks we’d been planning- who knew that something as simple as a bake sale would have so many logistical considerations? For most of us it was our first ever attempt at building an event from the ground up and the amount of things we had to think about was massive. OHS? Building a cash float? Making sure we had a tarp in case it rained? Couldn’t we just put some cake on a table and be done with it? Apparently not.

Β bake sale 1

We spent six weeks learning about how to plan and execute an event. While it could have easily spiralled into complete disaster everyone pulled their weight- whether it was through finding all the tiny bits and pieces we needed, writing up a safety report, scripting or recording promos, and, of course, baking a ton of food.

bake sale 2

While on the day the weather was kind of terrible (after weeks of sunshine) that didn’t dampen our enthusiasm! At the Leederville campus, we sold brownies, cupcakes, mini doughnuts, cheese sticks, and a variety of presents for mother’s day- candles, wine holders, artwork, etc. The Northbridge campus had an incredible array of cupcakes and muffins.

bake sale 3

The bake sale was primarily an opportunity for us to promote our brand and encourage new listeners but it was also a fundraising event. Between the two teams we raised more than $1400, which is an obscene amount of money! The bake sale has become a yearly tradition for Diploma students here at TAFE in Leederville and we managed to break the previously held profit record by a massive margin. We had a really successful day and we’d like to thank everyone who took the time to come down and support us.