Scott Disick and Bella Thorne are dating, wait a minute WHAT?!?!


A repost came out early this week that 33 year old Scott and 19 year old Bella were seen out on the town together on what looked like a date.

Bella Thorne1

Since then more reports have come out about the two and what people close to them think, especially Scott’s famous baby mamma Kourtney Kardashian and she is not happy. A lot of people have been wondering if Scott has done this to get under Kourtney’s skin and if so, it’s definitely worked but I mean can you really blame her?

Bella Thorne2

Bella and the Kardashian family have known each other and been close for year, Bella and Kylie Jenner are even good friends, so the family has watched Bella grow up. Kourtney is not alone in her dislike of the pair. Bella’s friends and family don’t like it either as they are worried she will get hurt, but according to a report Bella is not taking the relationship very seriously saying it’s just a bit of fun. This whole relationship, serious or not, has definitely got people asking “is it really appropriate?”. Well either way it’s definitely got people pretty weirded out and I don’t think it’s the last time we are going to hear about this couple.

Bella Thorne 3

Wait are we seeing double?

Claudia Beauty1

Should we have gone to Specsavers? The answer is no, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you.

We all know that Kylie Jenner over the years has been said to look more like her older sister Kim Kardashian West than her younger self, but in recent photo shoot the two sister are twinning it hard – they may as well be looking in a mirror. The photo was released early last week to promote the upcoming launch of the two sister collaboration KKW by Kylie Cosmetics.

Claudia Beauty2

Say RIP to your wallet lady’s, the collaboration line includes 4 new shades of the creme liquid lipstick Kylie Cosmetics are known for called Kimberly, Kim, KIKI and Kimmie.

Claudia Beauty3

KKW x Kylie will be sale on the 25 of April at 3pm PST, so if you are in Western Australia that is 6am on 26th of April and if you want to get your hands on one better get up early because it is expected to sell out fast!