She’s Back!

Schapelle Corby has returned to Australia after her 12 year stint in a Bali prison for drug smuggling, and the first thing she did on being released from prison? Make an Instagram and post a picture of her dogs! Now having gained more than 144 thousand followers, Schapelle has posted a number of photos and videos of her final days in Bali and of the media who have been following her.

schappelle release

Could this be the start of an attempt to become insta’ famous? Is the drug smuggler using Instagram to finally use her voice after being locked away for so long?

Let us know in the comments what you think!

Ikea Yeezys?

Yep, you heard right! ‘Mache 275’ as he is known on Instagram has made some of the craziest customs you’ve ever seen with an Ikea colourway. Ikea has been no stranger to hype recently with an Ikea face mask being made and also people taking the iconic Ikea bag and turning it into things like hats and tote bags.


Considering how good they look maybe Kanye and Adidas should officially collaborate with Ikea and Mache275 to make this happen because for a lot of people this would be a must cop.