Stop Fidgeting?

Fidget spinners users have been warned about the use of Fidget Spinners after the small discs of a spinner fell off and landed in a young child’s mouth. An X Ray was taken at the Hospital the child went to, showing the disc in the child’s stomach.

spinner gut

The mum jumped onto social media straight away and shared:

“Parents of fidget spinners beware … our son swallowed the disc of a fidget spinner last night and ended up in RNSH Emergency.”

“The side of the spinner was cracked and when he spun it, the disc flew in his mouth and before he realized he swallowed it! He had it for less than 48 hours.”

“Ours are now in the bin and just want to make you all aware of what can happen with these things. He has to pass it within two days or we’re looking at alternative methods of extraction.”

Parents and children of fidget spinner users are now warned the dangers of these toys, and need to use them safely.

Winner Winner, little spinner

Everyone has seen the crazy toys around they are being sold nearly everywhere, endless variants on the simple toy. For people living under a rock the fidget spinner is a toy that spins like a propeller on a persons finger on a bearing. They’ve become the hottest item to roll off the bandwagon. Depending on how you roll or spin. They are irritating or the best thing since sliced bread.


Although they were first invented in 1999 only now in 2017 have they taken off. They have been marketed as having health benefits. Some schools have banned the toys to help children concentrate in class.

Originally pitched as a toy for people with attention deficits. Experts are divided on this  and the toy has become the hottest item to have lately with no end in sitgh we have fidget spinner culture emerging, in the mean time until the next trend takes off.