No Signal is a clear sign

It is said that Prince used to write a song a day. Faderhead has pushed his envelope and set himself a personal challenge. Write the lyrics, record the tracks, record the vocals, mix and master a five track EP in five days AND get it on Bandcamp in that time. Makes us dizzy just thinking about it!

Picture credit @turmaly1

Despite the time limit, it’s a cracking EP. For a long time, Sami has stated his intention to go down tempo and he has followed that path. It still has the trademark Faderhead sound though – good job.

Listen to “Chairman of the Bored” here…

Fav track HAS to be “Chairman of the Bored”, for us. As usual it’s the multiple hooks that keep your attention, reinforced by the simple, direct lyrics and those AWESOME synth drops. Our only disappointment was the exclusion of the “MOAB” track (Mother Of All Bombs) that he previewed in a live Facebook session. THAT would have made this the Mother of all EP’s. You da bomb, Sami!