IMG_2253Ruth– Ruth is an ambitious and enthusiastic radio personality who has experience in events coordination and hospitality. As a result, her interests include the production of food, the consumption of food, and the discussion of food. When not in the studio, you can find Ruth at the gym working on her sweet gains, or checking out the local live music scene. Ru th loves folky rock music from the 60s and 70s, especially Crosby, Stills and Nash, Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, and Genesis.

She has graduated with Honours from Edith Cowan University with a Bachelor of Writing with a major in Creative Writing. Ruth is a storyteller and an avid reader. Sci-fi is her literature of choice, with a specific enjoyment of the works of Philip K Dick, however she also enjoys John Steinbeck, Charles Bukowski, Alice Hoffman and Sarah Addison Allen.
Ruth sees herself as something of a Renaissance woman, with an interest in homebrewing, dressmaking, video games, and the mass consumption of spaghetti. She is completely addicted to Earl Grey tea and Malteasers.
Ruth has six tattoos, each of them a reference to a piece of fiction she loves. Her favourite (and first) tattoo is on her right ribcage, of a decorative ankh from the 2004 PC game Vampire: the Masquerade – Bloodlines.
Tune in to Ruth and her cohost Baby Bird on The Basement on Monday mornings from 7am to hear all about the best workout tracks, dignified discussion of the most instagramable food trends, and be asked impossible hypothetical questions.
Ruth can also be found on Boom Radio, Fridays from 10pm for Baby Boomers,

playing her favourite tracks from the 60s and 70s and absolutely shredding on air guitar, air bass, air drums, air keys… well, all of the air instruments, really.


FullSizeRenderClaudia– If you’re ever looking for Claudz she is usually the one taking a killer selfie in the best light, don’t believe us just check out her tinder.

When she is not taking selfies she is working hard, or at least she likes to think she is. But in all seriousness Claudz is an 18 year old indigenous woman from a rural town in the Kimberley’s called Kununurra (most beautiful place in Australia if you ask her). She has been working in radio since she was 15 at Waringarri Radio as the drive time announcer and after graduating high school decided to further her education so packed her bags and moved 3000km south to the big smoke AKA Perth (she was from a really small town like really small).
Outside of work Claudz is a tv and film junkie who can binge watch 23 episodes in less than 24 hours, everything from Vampire Diaries, The Flash, Riverdale, Criminal Minds and even Geordie Shore. If she’s not binging something Claudz is either out bush running amuck 4WD or bonnet surfing and even drawing.
When it comes to music Claudz can never make her mind up on what genre of music she actually likes it’s a bit of EDM, top 40, country and even rock see confusing, just don’t ask her to actually name any artists because she is horrible with names.
Claudz will always be in the studios singing and dancing alone pretending like she actually has talent so tune in Fridays 1-3pm and Wednesdays 5-7pm and make her feel extra special.




Baby Bird- Baby Bird might be one of the smallest in the nest, but he’s probably one of the loudest. Not only is this reflected through his voice and outlook on life, but also choice of music. Anything with loud and intense drums will never fail to catch his attention. Especially if it’s a song with some in-your-face screaming to match. Just because BB likes metal though doesn’t cut him off from anything else. With a passion for drums that expands from metal into jazz, math-rock, noise-rock, funk, hip-hop and many other genres. Baby Bird’s philosophy is that if it has a catchy drum beat to it, it’s worth a listen. 

As well as drums, Baby Bird’s hobbies include; patting dogs, talking to dogs, cuddling dogs, patting Dominic (the best and cutest cat in the world), playing the drums, admiring his (currently two) tattoos, imagining a future version of himself where he’s covered in tattoos, and going to the gym! While it’s not specifically a hobby, BB (or “Jacob” as his mums call him) spends a lot of time hanging out with fellow Basement hosts, joking around, and generally having a good time.


One person in particular who Baby Bird hangs out with is his co-host, Ruth. Despite her (daily) threatening to hurt him if he keeps on annoying her, telling him that he’s “a poop” live on-air, and rubbing in how she has bigger muscles than him. The two get on pretty greatly. Which is a good thing considering how they spend two hours together each Monday morning.

If you ever wanted to tune in you’d probably hear Baby Bird and Ruth talking about the gym, interviewing a local band, playing some great local, international, and flat-out weird tunes. And just generally having a good time! You can catch them each Monday morning from 7 – 9.



Beats– Beats is an fun, energetic, music loving guy who likes long walks on the beach and deep talks around a bonfire.

Jks for real tho, you will always find Beats pumping some bangers from Kanye and Kendrick everywhere he goes, dancing nonstop at the same time. Beats is a chill guy, he never worries about anything, especially work, until the day its due (Tbh even submitted this bio late lol).

Beats is the kinda guy that if he had to choose between his shoes and his girlfriend, he would probably choose his shoes without hesitation. I mean if you love something let it go right?
Beats is into a lot of music, but his top favourite rappers would probably go Kanye, Kanye, Yeezy, Kanye and lastly Yeezus. He enjoys a little bit of everyone you know. On th e real though Beats loves Frank Ocean, Kendrick Lamar, Big Sean and heaps of others under that banner.

If Beats was lost on an island and had to take three things with him it would be the box set of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Some Pickled onion cheese and some tissues (for crying at the end of Fresh Prince obviously).

Chances are if you like lame jokes listen to Beats’ show you’re in for a good time, laughs all round with good tunes and good vibes. Taking you through the most random stories and some great local stuff Beats is the plug for ya.

IMG_2164James I’ve been through all walks of life on my way to get here where am I doing what I want and working towards what I could call my dream job. Not the most orthodox route to this destination with too many trials and tribulations to get here. Maybe just the right amount for me or a necessary perspective to get me into the state of mind to succeed and seize the day.

I’m a Contrarian by nature, I love to debate and argue a point and get into the nuances of an idea. Deconstructing ideas and challenging people’s preconceptions and politics, that’s what I like. I would like to cultivate all my learning and work experience into an interviewer one day. I want be my own Larry King, Dave Rubin or Matt Christensen. I want to be active in the discussion in that respect. Talking to pundits, politicians and people in the sit down nonpartisan interview compared to the gotcha ideological hit pieces here and there.
Besides the melancholy veneer, I love grand strategy games, history, politics, literature, sci fi, horror and Heavy metal. Sarcastic, enigmatic, eccentric. Over the edge, pushing the limit. A man for the new millennium. I want to push myself in my studies to make more of myself than what I have become. I want to learn everything I can to make this my year. Better late than never, better since late is not never.
The reason I think people would want to listen to me is I bring a different point of view and presenting style to the game than the laughing at everything radio duo. I want to be make people think and be engaging and fun. Still a way to go yet but I relish the obstacle ahead and rising to the challenge.

IMG_2173Nat- A proud sunny sandgroper, lived by the sea… nope just kidding. Natalie hates the sea and anything to do with it, sun, surf, sand, Nat thinks it can all stay out there, at sea!

43 years young to date, her life so far has been eventful to say the least!

Here is an overview,
~Was Australian champion Royal Lifesaver 4 years in a row.
~Loved to Dance, in fact was on Fat Cat’s Fun Time Show dancing.
~Was a Cheerleader for Perth Wildcats
~Truck trainer in the mines for 11 years.
~Married for 18 years so far.
~Has 3 amazingly beautiful children.


Hannah– Hannah was born in 1989, which puts her solidly on the terrifying side of 25. After graduating from high school she spent far too long at university studying Japanese, Japanese studies, and numerous other subjects which didn’t really help her job prospects. After somehow finishing her honours year, she moved to Japan and taught English to tiny children for a while. She lived in Aomori Prefecture, which is famous for its apples. While there, she developed a taste for edamame and sake and spent a lot of time on trains going to hot springs or tiny mountain villages.

After suffering a second quarter life crisis at the age of 26 she decided to wholeheartedly pursue the only career that she’s ever really seriously considered: radio. Specifically, news radio, because she is a current affairs junkie. Her dream is to work for SBS one day.
Her interests include shortwave radio, archaic forms of media, music (ALL MUSIC, EVERYTHING EVER esp. Elliott Smith, The Mountain Goats and whatever’s coming out of Tel Aviv), Brutalist architecture, weather reports and public transport. When she’s not at TAFE she works in a library covering books with plastic contact and trying to make sense of the Dewey Decimal System. She also works for a company that imports and exports wildflowers and subsequently she knows way too much about freight and the different grades of roses. In her (virtually nonexistent) spare time she likes to spend too much money on clothes, sleep, or wander around looking for interesting buildings to take photos of.

IMG_2187Selina Selina is an 18 year old international student who is from Taiwan. Before coming to Australia, she was studying in America.

She has dreamed about being a radio announcer since she was a middle school student. And now she is studying Radio Diploma in TAFE, she feels so grateful to have this amazing opportunity to gain knowledge. Also, as a radio announcer, she really enjoying doing it, even though she needs to get up at 5 just to catch bus for her Brekky show.

Also, she is definitely a ‘Travelholic’. She has been to America, Italy, Spain, Thailand, Japan and Vietnam. She loves learning different cultures, traveling to new places and seeing hotties lol. Just kidding! By the way, listeners should tune in for her show, because she is a huge music lover who is full of passion. Also she always brings the latest news, interesting stories of what’s trending now, and all sorts of things that The Basement target audience is keen to know. She knows how to handle social media well, so that she  can have great interaction with listeners. Do you want to know more about her? Tune in and listener to her show! #Yolo

IMG_2209Sianos– Sianos is a 20 year old girl who loves to have a good time. She enjoys finding new music and making her friends listen to it even if they didn’t ask to. You can always find her planning a party, at a party, or talking about the last party she was at. Sianos just loves to socialise, and could probably hold a conversation with a rock if she tried.

Sianos discovered her love for radio when she realised the things she enjoys most are listening to music and talking. She enjoys dancing a bit too much, and is often caught popping and locking 2 seconds before a talk break in the studio. Sianos is also dancing (badly) every weekend out with her friends at various events around Perth. You can always hear Sianos giving the low down on upcoming events on air, and chances are she will be at most of them herself.
Sianos likes to delve into all music but her favourites are the songs she can get down and boogy to. Some of the best songs when she is chilling come from Flume and Odesza, but when she has a bit more energy she likes to pump A$AP Ferg, What So Not, Kendrick Lamar, Diplo and Baauer. Overall, Sianos is an easygoing chick that doesn’t take anything too seriously. Tune in to hear her having a little party in the studio every time she’s on.

IMG_2237Eamon– Eamon has a positive attitude towards everything he undertakes. He sometimes faces challenges that many people would think would get in the way of him, but his hard-working, never give up attitude keeps him optimistic about any possible hiccups. Eamon lives and breathes sport, playing football a 3 possible weekdays, with the other two going towards a hard scheduled gym program. Eamon studied at Sacred Heart College for six years, also whilst undertaking his certificate III in business in his graduation year of 2016.

Eamon has always had a passion for radio and did work experience at Sonshine FM for a year on, editing audio, and getting experience in the studio. Learning from the experienced and knowledgable staff at Sonshine FM has put him in good stead for a career in radio. He has picked up on things easily and is always willing to broaden his horizon.

To take some time to relax and kick back Eamon enjoys getting out on his boat on a hot day and heading to Rottnest, where he can unwind and enjoy what the beautiful coastline of WA has to offer. “Suns out Guns out” is the motto he lives by when riding his Jet Ski and other boats around the bays of the beautiful Rottnest Island.

His bright sense of humour brings a smile to everyone on a daily base bringing joy to the people who are around him. He brings laughs, and a positive attitude where ever he goes which is what people love to hear and listen to. Eamon is a great person to be around and people enjoy his company as much as he loves being around anyone no matter there background, or their story.


Tina- A little bit of this, a little bit of that.

Besides this being one of her favourite 90s hip hop songs, the phrase summarises the mid-90s baby quite succinctly.

Whilst variety is what makes Tinashe tick, she takes pride in being a self-proclaimed connoisseur of UK Grime, Blues, Old (and New) Skool RnB and HipHop, Jazz/ Soul and South African House Music. Amy Winehouse, Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix and Ray Charles hold a special place in her heart.

Hailing from ‘Egoli’ (place of gold) otherwise known as Johannesburg, South Africa; Tinashe is enthusiastic to share some of Africa’s treasure with the world.

Tinashe is a performer at heart having been involved in: numerous major (thearte) productions in her hometown of Johannesburg; dancing on international stages in  Prague and Montenegro and the FIFA Confederation Cup; as well as receiving a partial scholarship to attend NYFA (New York Film Academy) and being invited to act for an array of respected talent scouts and agencies in Orlando, Florida (USA) and now radio…

Interestingly enough, until recently performing had only ever been a hobby for her… Having thought her passion lay in Urban Planning thus deciding (wasting her time) to study it for 2 years.

Tinashe is well traveled and extremely interested in learning more about other cultures and her dream destinations would be the Netherlands or Cuba. In her spare time she is an avid photographer and lyrical poet. Oh… and/or OBSESSING over anything from the 90s (i.e. Aaliyah, Tupac & Notorious BIG x1000)

Listeners should tune in to her shows to stay on-trend and ‘in the know’ as she loves commenting on what’s trending, ‘cool’ and ‘current’ just as much as the next guy. Listeners can also expect to hear her delve into controversial topics that everyone is too scared to talk about…

17757456_505566579834012_8446545136152413846_nWade– Intimidating and dark are two words that spring to mind when you meet Wade.

However, judging a book by its cover is never a wise move and Wade is deeper than the Laurentian Abyss if you invest the time. A businessman by nature, Wade has travelled the world in his career and made some extraordinary friends throughout the globe.

A broadcaster in his early life, Wade became an accountant because, in his own words, “It puts the shekels in the old tommy tank”, but his passion is music and broadcasting. We think he knows a lot about a lot of things.

We HAVE heard rumours that he is a hitman. We hope it’s just a rumour.