IMG_2253Ruth– I am a self-professed gym queen, literature aficionado and tattoo enthusiast. My body is a machine, constructed of a ratio of 80% Earl Grey Tea, 15% Malteasers and 5% muscle. When not on the air, I spend my days in my pyjamas, binging on cartoons and cereal, reliving the glory days of Saturday mornings as a kid.


FullSizeRender_1Cormac– From the grassy hills of Wicklow to the sunny shores of Perth, I bring a wealth of musical knowledge and an off-the-wall and somewhat unusual sense of humour to the basement. You can check out my sexy sultry tones weekly.



FullSizeRenderClaudia– Hey y’all, so I guess this is where I talking about myself right? Well what there to know, I can cook two minutes noodles in 98 seconds! Nah just kidding I’m not that skilled 😂. But for real I’m from a rural Kimberley town, love anything and everything media, I’ll dance and sing along like I actually have talent but I don’t and I can take one hell of a selfie, well at least I thinks I can 😂😍

IMG_2152Baby Bird– Hey, I’m Baby Bird. As you’d get from my name, I’m pretty loud. Not only is this reflected through my voice (unfortunately to some), but I’d also say through my choice in music as well. Anything with loud, fast paced and intense drums will always grab my attention. Same as any metal song that has intense and in your face vocals. Despite this, I still adore and love every other form of music. Whether it be hip-hop, R&B, pop, funk, EDM and (my other favourite) jazz!! Any sort of music is good music! I’m on The Basement each Wednesday morning from 7am to 9am. Hope to see you there!

IMG_2161Beats Hey, I’m Beats. I like shoes. I guess you could say I love Kanye as much as Kanye loves Kanye.




IMG_2164James The one and only, beneath the perpetual melancholy veneer. A sarcastic, enigmatic contrarian who loves to argue about why you’re wrong. I enjoy long walks on the beach, political debate, history and literature, ideas and philosophy. I am cultivating myself into an interviewer with plans to ask the tough questions while delivering a slice of wit and charm.


IMG_2173Nat- I have three kids who absolutely love and support what I’m doing here, as does my husband. It’s been a dream to get into radio so ticking this off my bucket list has been amazing.




Hannah– I like shortwave radios, 80s punk rock, catching public transport and drinking green tea. I spent two years teaching English in the frozen wastelands of Northern Japan, and while there I developed a taste for edamame and drinking way too much Nihonshu.


IMG_2187Selina What’s up! I’m Selina, a huge fan of Justin Beiber who runs the show from 4-6pm every Thursday. I love hosting radio shows, travelling, and eating rice. Everyone who knows me can be divided into two groups: those who like me and those who still don’t know me.


IMG_2209Sianos– I’m Sianos and I’m all about having fun. My experience is in planning parties and events, finding new music, and having a good time, all the time.




IMG_2237Eamon– I started my radio career doing work experience at Sonshine FM, I’ve always had a passion for radio and this course is amazing. I have a huge passion for sport and play football for West Perth and cricket as well. I love going out on the boat, on jetskis, and just relaxing.







17757456_505566579834012_8446545136152413846_nWade– I started in radio by joining Radio Lion in the Royal Surrey County Hospital, UK….that was a long long time ago. After a short spell as a broadcaster on BBC Radio Surrey, I pursued a career in business that has spanned the world, however, music has always been my passion. I am a drummer and love to remix tunes and write lyrics.