A Fond Farewell to a Royal Rogue

Following the announcement that Prince Phillip will be stepping down from attending royal duties and engagements we here at The Basement would like to send a fond farewell to the loveable and sometimes controversial Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh. After relinquishing his royal titles of Prince of Greece and Denmark after the second world war and marrying Queen Elizabeth II in 1947 Prince Phillip and Queen Elizabeth gave life to four children.  Not known for watching his tongue Prince Phillip has at times been the source of controversy but despite many trials and tribulations he has always maintained a mirth and sense of humour that although often not seen as proper for royalty and not always politically correct brought a more human and relate-able side to the royal family.

Prince phillip

We here at The Basement would like to wish him well and happiness in his future endeavours.

Drugs, hookers and other reasons to stay alive…

We’ve all been there…

You’re struggling to get to bed and with a jogging mind you find yourself perusing through Facebook in order to find nothing really but end up gaining a wealth of knowledge about something you weren’t particularly interested in a couple of hours prior.  Init? Well we thought we’d share one of our own finds with you all.

An article titled “Guy Goes to Mexico To Kill Himself, Spends Week Doing Coke and Bangjng Hookers, Decides to Keep Living” to add to the random 3AM finds.

Map Mexico

At first we thought… what a silly article this is totally going to help us get through a day of college tomorrow with this no-sleep hangover right?! Wrong. In fact, as we saw the (very vague) purpose and value of this article. While The Basement absolutely does not condone the consumption of addictive illegal drugs and substances. We do value a good point. Even the darkest situations can lead to better times ahead.

Never give up “y’all”.

pulse tattoo

“A semicolon represents a sentence the author could have ended, but chose not to. The author is you and the semicolon is your life.”

Depression is a nasty, nasty burden that affects way more people than you’d expect. According to the World Health Organisation, depression is now the leading cause of illness and disability, affecting an estimated 332 million people worldwide. Thus, it is becoming more important than ever for us to grab it by the b*lls by reducing the stigma surrounding it and creating positive, fact based and hopeful messages about depression and other mental health illnesses. Having lost people very close and dear to us as a result of suicide and having suffered from depression and anxiety ourselves– this is a topic we feel very strongly about and we can assume anyone else reading this can also relate some way or another. Like any illness, mental illnesses require support and above all time to rectify. Take it easy.


Remember you are not alone and often all we need to do is take a step back and see the beauty that lies in the world around us — in learning, feelings, nature, people etc. At the bare minimum appreciating the people who appreciate you and appreciating as well as loving the facets in your own life that you are grateful for (for which we all have at least one thing *cough* life) are a few ways in which we can slowly attack our inner demons.

We all have a limited amount of time to enjoy ourselves so try and approach every opportunity with joy, gratitude and enthusiasm. Because even two negatives make a positive. Right?

Uhh drugs and hookers? Nah maybe not for us. But the point we are trying to make is drugs and sex didn’t save the man but deciding to find joy in life one last time as risky as it was saved the man. If you have the opportunity or ability to be happy, don’t squander it – embrace it. Don’t hesitate to take opportunities or love with all your heart. The joy that life will give back is more amazing than you can even imagine.


www.youthfocus.com.au offer free, confidential advice to young people regarding depression and anxiety without the need for a referral. Call 6266 4333

Koi Child leave pond

If you’re not quick, you’ll miss out on your last chance to see Freo Jazz-infused Hip Hop locals Koi Child perform, before they go silent. The band announced the gig along with news that they’ll be taking a fair bit of time off to write new tunes and get some more music out. The Freo band is greatly known for their work alongside Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker, having had their debut album recorded, mixed and co-produced by him.


Hosted at The Badlands Bar, on May the 26th. It’s their first, and last Australian show since getting back from the US touring. Supporting acts include local musician Benjamin Witt and Perth radio host Caitlin Nienber DJ’ing at the event. (Band member Christian Ruggiero’s dad will also be serving up “the best snags in Aus” for $3 during the gig. Just in case you needed another reason to go.)

More information on the gig can be found on their events Facebook page:

OMG Jason Blossom was killed by WHO?!?

******Fair warning this contains spoilers!!!******

So the second last episode of the first season of Riverdale was aired last week and OMG!!! We finally got the answer to the question that has been on all our lips since January, who killed Jason Blossom? Well the answer is….. his DAD! What the heck!!


We finally have our answer but now we just have more questions, ahhhh why? The season finale airs this Friday and we will all be on the edge of our seats!!! So be sure to get the popcorn and go to the bathroom before it starts because you won’t want to miss a minute.

Perth Children’s Hospital lead contamination report

The Government has outlined it’s plan to fix lead contamination by flushing phosphate through the hospital pipelines.

Childrens hospital

It has been an ongoing before the unveiling of the new Perth Children’s Hospital with the most resent explanation of the lead contamination the “dead leg” pipe being reportedly unlikely to explain the cause of the contamination.

With the ongoing lead contamination of the Perth’s Children Hospital water system the Western Australian Government has sought to distance itself from an independent report, seeking to put blame on the head contractor.

As per the building commission report last month the source of the lead contamination is supposed to be residue from an old, cut off “dead leg” water pipe in the water system. The Government disputes the source of the residue and has now released its own report conducted by the Department of Treasury and the Department of Health

The Jacobs report said because the hospital was still recording lead levels, and the dead leg was removed in September, it is “unlikely to explain the persistence of the lead problem”.

Photo: Treasurer Ben Wyatt (l) and Health Minister Roger Cook say there is no current risk. (ABC News: Eliza Laschon)

“The Building Commission recommend the state carry out additional tests to determine the proportions of lead that came from any of the identified sources,” Building Commissioner Peter Gow said.

“Any further testing that clarifies the relative contributions is welcome.”

The Right Ingredients

The day has finally arrived. Across our great city, kitchens have been a hive of activity as the Basement team have slaved over hot stoves to bring you the finest in home made baked goods.


Muffins, brownies and cupcakes are going to be making an appearance at both Leederville and Northbridge TAFE campuses TODAY between 10am and 1.30pm, so come on down and bring some cash to swap for some AWESOME home-cooked goodies.

It’s gonna be the icing on the cake 🙂

Flume in da house

Something must be in the air this week because there is a wave of new music coming from some of our favourite artists, ALL AT THE SAME TIME! We’re not sure how to handle this, what have we done to receive such good fortune? As soon as we thought maybe our playlists needed updating, the music gods sent down multiple brand new songs for our ears.

Let’s start with one of the best things Australia has ever produced, Flume. (Sorry Vegemite.) Flume has just released a brand new track with Kučka, called Hyperreal. The song is a head bopping dance track but still includes those interesting, ‘chilled out’ vibes that he has been producing ever so well in the last year.


Female trio Haim have also released a new track, a heartfelt ballad titled ‘I Want You Back’. It is the first song to be released from their album ‘Something to Tell You’. From what we currently know, Haim is set to perform a couple shows in NSW in July this year, but apart from that will be touring the US for the rest of the year. Hopefully with the release of a new album, an Australian tour could soon be on the cards? We can only hope!

More new music to check out comes from Odesza, Paramore, Galantis, Niall Horan, Halsey, LCD Soundsystem, Migos, and SO many more! Be prepared to use your data people, this new music is too good to miss.

No Signal is a clear sign

It is said that Prince used to write a song a day. Faderhead has pushed his envelope and set himself a personal challenge. Write the lyrics, record the tracks, record the vocals, mix and master a five track EP in five days AND get it on Bandcamp in that time. Makes us dizzy just thinking about it!

Picture credit @turmaly1

Despite the time limit, it’s a cracking EP. For a long time, Sami has stated his intention to go down tempo and he has followed that path. It still has the trademark Faderhead sound though – good job.

Listen to “Chairman of the Bored” here…

Fav track HAS to be “Chairman of the Bored”, for us. As usual it’s the multiple hooks that keep your attention, reinforced by the simple, direct lyrics and those AWESOME synth drops. Our only disappointment was the exclusion of the “MOAB” track (Mother Of All Bombs) that he previewed in a live Facebook session. THAT would have made this the Mother of all EP’s. You da bomb, Sami!

Rebel With A Cause

As much as we all love to see an Aussie star returning home in the case of Pitch Perfect star Rebel Wilson it is a bit of a sad story.

Rebel Wilson

Wilson is testifying again media giant Bauer Media ( publishers of OK and Woman’s Day) over comments made in 2015. Rebel’s legal team said that her case will focus around a particular article – “Just who is the real Rebel Wilson”- that suggested she, “invented fantastic stories in order to make it to Hollywood” without asking for her comment. If the two parties fail to reach an agreement Wilson will give evidence in the Supreme Court from the 22 May.

Life on Mars

It is official! Bruno Mars is heading to Perth. His 24k Magic World Tour will be heading down under early next year, visiting Perth Arena on March 28th, 2017. The tour comes in support of Bruno Mars ‘24k Magic’ album, released November last year. Mars’ last visit to Perth was in 2014, so fans are very excited for the singers return and tickets are expected to sell out. Tickets go on sale online at 2pm this Friday the 5th of May so get onto it fast!
Bruno Mars

Will you be heading to the Bruno Mars concert? Let us know below!