Kyan is a new driver on the road (So get off the sidewalk), she believes she’s a safe driver but her probationary officer would say different. She grew up in Mandurah and has a love for fashion, she’s an up and coming model – all she needs now is a gig!

Kyan loves a good field trip for the gram and a brick wall for all of her OOTD’s (Outfit Of The Day), and once her mind gets set on something she will do anything to get it, which is why she is unemployed.

She has a colourful personality and always brightens the mood for everyone, although people say she’s annoying we call it a good annoying, the type of one that if she wasn’t there you would feel weird that it is so quiet.

Kyan is the type of person to shop in the clearance section because she’s broke asf, from buying too much food and M&M’s so if you want to win her heart send her some M&M’s. She is a self-proclaimed comedian, although when she tells a joke people actually laugh at her laugh and not the joke.

She loves her dog Coco and we all know that because she never shuts up about him ever! She considers herself a full-time Millie rocker so tune in to give her a chance of a promotion to a full-time Mask Off dancer

Hear her on Thursday nights 5-7 pm for the drive show with Callan & Friday mornings for the breakfast show 7-9 am, where you can laugh along with her broad sense of humor and ability to find the positive out of any situation.