Ikea Yeezys?

Yep, you heard right! ‘Mache 275’ as he is known on Instagram has made some of the craziest customs you’ve ever seen with an Ikea colourway. Ikea has been no stranger to hype recently with an Ikea face mask being made and also people taking the iconic Ikea bag and turning it into things like hats and tote bags.


Considering how good they look maybe Kanye and Adidas should officially collaborate with Ikea and Mache275 to make this happen because for a lot of people this would be a must cop.

2 Cancelled Girls

Season 6 of 2 Broke Girls, the once successful CBS sitcom, will be its last, as announced last week. The show focused on the working class struggles of two young women who dreamed of opening their own business, but after six seasons, the show has been cut short, apparently due to a lack of viewership. Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs, the titular characters and IRL besties, posted their goodbyes on Instagram after the announcement of the cancellation.

The season six finale episode experienced a US viewership rating of 4.57 million on its air date on April 17th. The show had been previously aired in Australia via the Channel 9 network, however they had stopped airing the show back in December 2016. Some viewers have voiced their frustration online at the show being cancelled.

2 Broke girls

Do you think the show was underrated? Or is the cancellation long overdue? Have your say in the comments!

A Fond Farewell to a Royal Rogue

Following the announcement that Prince Phillip will be stepping down from attending royal duties and engagements we here at The Basement would like to send a fond farewell to the loveable and sometimes controversial Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh. After relinquishing his royal titles of Prince of Greece and Denmark after the second world war and marrying Queen Elizabeth II in 1947 Prince Phillip and Queen Elizabeth gave life to four children.  Not known for watching his tongue Prince Phillip has at times been the source of controversy but despite many trials and tribulations he has always maintained a mirth and sense of humour that although often not seen as proper for royalty and not always politically correct brought a more human and relate-able side to the royal family.

Prince phillip

We here at The Basement would like to wish him well and happiness in his future endeavours.

Drugs, hookers and other reasons to stay alive…

We’ve all been there…

You’re struggling to get to bed and with a jogging mind you find yourself perusing through Facebook in order to find nothing really but end up gaining a wealth of knowledge about something you weren’t particularly interested in a couple of hours prior.  Init? Well we thought we’d share one of our own finds with you all.

An article titled “Guy Goes to Mexico To Kill Himself, Spends Week Doing Coke and Bangjng Hookers, Decides to Keep Living” to add to the random 3AM finds.

Map Mexico

At first we thought… what a silly article this is totally going to help us get through a day of college tomorrow with this no-sleep hangover right?! Wrong. In fact, as we saw the (very vague) purpose and value of this article. While The Basement absolutely does not condone the consumption of addictive illegal drugs and substances. We do value a good point. Even the darkest situations can lead to better times ahead.

Never give up “y’all”.

pulse tattoo

“A semicolon represents a sentence the author could have ended, but chose not to. The author is you and the semicolon is your life.”

Depression is a nasty, nasty burden that affects way more people than you’d expect. According to the World Health Organisation, depression is now the leading cause of illness and disability, affecting an estimated 332 million people worldwide. Thus, it is becoming more important than ever for us to grab it by the b*lls by reducing the stigma surrounding it and creating positive, fact based and hopeful messages about depression and other mental health illnesses. Having lost people very close and dear to us as a result of suicide and having suffered from depression and anxiety ourselves– this is a topic we feel very strongly about and we can assume anyone else reading this can also relate some way or another. Like any illness, mental illnesses require support and above all time to rectify. Take it easy.


Remember you are not alone and often all we need to do is take a step back and see the beauty that lies in the world around us — in learning, feelings, nature, people etc. At the bare minimum appreciating the people who appreciate you and appreciating as well as loving the facets in your own life that you are grateful for (for which we all have at least one thing *cough* life) are a few ways in which we can slowly attack our inner demons.

We all have a limited amount of time to enjoy ourselves so try and approach every opportunity with joy, gratitude and enthusiasm. Because even two negatives make a positive. Right?

Uhh drugs and hookers? Nah maybe not for us. But the point we are trying to make is drugs and sex didn’t save the man but deciding to find joy in life one last time as risky as it was saved the man. If you have the opportunity or ability to be happy, don’t squander it – embrace it. Don’t hesitate to take opportunities or love with all your heart. The joy that life will give back is more amazing than you can even imagine.


www.youthfocus.com.au offer free, confidential advice to young people regarding depression and anxiety without the need for a referral. Call 6266 4333

Wait are we seeing double?

Claudia Beauty1

Should we have gone to Specsavers? The answer is no, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you.

We all know that Kylie Jenner over the years has been said to look more like her older sister Kim Kardashian West than her younger self, but in recent photo shoot the two sister are twinning it hard – they may as well be looking in a mirror. The photo was released early last week to promote the upcoming launch of the two sister collaboration KKW by Kylie Cosmetics.

Claudia Beauty2

Say RIP to your wallet lady’s, the collaboration line includes 4 new shades of the creme liquid lipstick Kylie Cosmetics are known for called Kimberly, Kim, KIKI and Kimmie.

Claudia Beauty3

KKW x Kylie will be sale on the 25 of April at 3pm PST, so if you are in Western Australia that is 6am on 26th of April and if you want to get your hands on one better get up early because it is expected to sell out fast!

Everyday Chemistry

A fair disclaimer before the commencement of reading this article: I am not a fanatical Beatles listener. I would barely even consider myself a Beatles “fan”. I approach their music the same way I’m sure a lot of people of my generation do (not to generalize, that is), which is with respect and gratitude for one of, if not the most, significant musical acts of all time. The Beatles garnered the attention and adoration of people all over the world, and their legacy has not been forgotten for a moment in the past almost four decades since their break-up.

Seven years ago, a website was created by a man writing under the pseudonym James Richards. Richards details the story of how he came to be in possession of a new Beatles album. At least, new to this dimension. The website is aptly titled “The Beatles Never Broke Up” and includes the album available to download. The story of Richards acquiring the album is incredibly far-fetched, however very entertaining.

The story begins on September 9th 2009, with Richards chasing after his dog in a canyon off the highway and literally falling into a rabbit hole and knocking himself unconscious.

Beatles rabbit hole
The Canyon and the rabbit hole

He later wakes up in a strange room filled with electronic equipment accompanied by a man named Jonas who lets him know that he has brought Richards to an alternate dimension to tend to his wounds. The two men discuss differences between their dimensions, including technology and culture, and eventually progress to speaking about the Beatles. Richards is shocked to find that in this alternate dimension, the Beatles never broke up and John Lennon and George Harrison were alive and well. Richards manages to steal a cassette copy of one of the albums that the Beatles released in this dimension before returning to our dimension.

The album is titled Everyday Chemistry, and at first listen is almost uncannily similar to the music released by the Beatles prior to their break-up, however with further research, listeners came to understand that the album had been constructed from remixes of the bands members’ solo work after the end of the Beatles. For example, the second track on the album, “Talking to Myself”, is a mix of Lennon’s “I’m Losing You”, Harrison’s “Stuck Inside a Cloud”, McCartney’s “Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey”, and Starr’s “Early 1970”.

Beatles cassette
The Cassette Tape


When confronted with the discovery of the music being just a remix, Richards (who created an email address for any questions) insisted that he definitely acquired the tape from the alternate dimension. He chalked the similarities to the idea that if the Beatles had never broken up, their future music ideas wouldn’t disappear, which is why the songs on Everyday Chemistry sound like they are made of elements of their solo work.

Whether you are or aren’t a Beatles fan, this album (and accompanying story) is something to experience. The origin tracks are merged seamlessly to create something new and musically solid. Unlike some remixes, James Richards has put a lot of effort into making something worthwhile to satisfy the void left by the break-up of this incredible band.

Either that, or he actually did fall down a rabbit hole and pop back out with this album. But that would be up to you to decide for yourself.

The album and story can be accessed at http://thebeatlesneverbrokeup.com/

Happy listening!

Castle On The Hill By Ed Sheeran…

Did you know?

Written by Ed Sheeran, Castle On The Hill is all about Ed being a 6-year-old boy with a broken leg watching the sun set over the “Castle On The Hill!”


The tune is a guitar driven pop song that also pays homage to his upbringing in the English countryside of Framlingham, Suffolk. Know any other interesting Ed Sheeran facts? Drop them in comments below!