Were you disappointed with Ninja Warrior Season Finale?


Aus Ninja Warrior.jpgNot one of the 24 Ninja Warrior finalists were able to make it past Stage 2 of the finale course, when Season 2 came to an end on Tuesday night.

Fans of the hit Channel 9 TV show “Australian Ninja Warrior” were left a little disappointed when they were given no winner on Tuesday night. Season 2 of the Australian version of the show saw none of the 24 finalists complete the intense fitness course, and viewers are disappointed that no one completed the course and “won” the show.

Executive Producer Julie Ward said that while she was also a little disappointed, she urged viewers to have patience. “We make it tough but we don’t make it unbeatable,” she told news.com.au. “We want somebody to win.”

“In testing, that course was do-able. It’s just that nobody did it on the night. There were several of them that could have gone all the way and done it.”

Fans of American Ninja Warrior, the original US show, had to wait 7 years for a winner to be crowned. It seems we may have a bit more of a wait before we can see a winning run.

Brisbane engineering student Rob Patterson took out the award for Fastest and Furtherest. Applications for Season 3 have already opened online.

The Queer Eye guys are all going down… Under


queer yass.pngWell it’s been just over a week since the drop of the second season of Queer Eye and people are already gagging for more from the boys.

While we eagerly wait for the third instalment, the fab 5 surprised the world with a little trip down under to the small Australian country town Yass, to film a one-off online special. The boys give Aussie farmer George a life makeover, and tackle the issues of masculinity in Australia.

Like the majority of the episodes of the show, it warms your heart to watch the group transform someone’s life. However, this episode feels extra relevant for many Aussies as we see George dealing with his struggles over physical connection, affection and opening up to others. These are very typical behaviours of your typical Aussie bloke, and it’s a massive problem. Isolation from the people around you and an unwillingness to show emotion and share physical contact are damaging to a person’s mental health.

The fab 5 give George a quick makeover but also manage to get him to open up. At the end of the episode he proves to his family that he cares and loves them. George takes the fab 5’s advice on board and makes a commitment to his family.

The tear jerker moment comes when George’s son sees his transformation and they hug and engage in a heart to heart conversation.

You can watch the full Aussie Queer Eye transformation on YouTube below:


MTV’s animated TV series “Daria” is getting rebooted

Friendship goals – Daria Morgendorffer & Jane Lane

The 90’s fav animated Teen Hero, Daria Morgendorffer is back with her best friend Jane Lane, with no premier date yet, the tension will cause excitement.

Daria the highly intelligent and cynical type, tenacious to walk hard in her own right. Although I did personally like to party more, as well as most other teens.

Along with other inspiring characters Jody Landon AKA home girl, valedictorian and Vice President of Lawndale’s High school student council.

Daria was the rare teen hero who never faulted through any exposure of pressure by others, she said everything you only say in your head, you know like when you’re talking to the polly plastics. Daria made her first appearance in “The Bevis and Butt- Head” series, but it wasn’t long before she had her own show on MTV.

Twenty years ago, the narrative around Lawndale’s High school was really ahead of its time. With a Teen’s spirit animal being somewhat closest to the house-hold cat in my opinion, you know when they not being assholes of course! Although not so domesticated.

Comes the needed commentary about teen life. The T.V series that got incredibly real – and relatable for myself, and teens of a whole generation. Daria effortless quips of Sarcasm and her and apologetic opinions that got so real there what a millennial would describe as High key shookith

Daria tells it how it truly is, a realist at heart. I believe it possibly might be fair to say in my own opinion the most woke show of the 90’s along with The Simpson’s subliminal woke messages.

I believe now also a grown woman Daria will cover some important Controversial subjects gender, social classes, culture – and why it’s not your friend, Big Pharma, education, poverty, slavery, consumerism. But… obviously with her world class mockery and realism.

I’m incredibly excited, it’s going to be twenty years later, will Brittney and Kevin still be high school sweethearts, will Quinn have YouTube subscribers.

Will Janes wise BF Trent be a struggling musician balancing his artistic statement. Will Daria be some sort of carry Bradshaw writer, or some kind of Feminine activist. Has Jane sold a painting.

I guess we will have to find out what Grace Edwards (writer-Inside Amy Schumer) has for our favourite 90s animated T.V series I now as a 30 somethingish bad ass feminist can’t wait for Daria to return. Lots of love from Fan P.S Dying with Anticipation. P.S Sad Sick World


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