Could Kim Kardashian be the new first lady in 2020?!

So it’s no secret that Kanye West has taken to twitter to say he wants to run for president in 2020.

This has sent the internet into a frenzy because if Kayne West becomes the new president, that means tafe 12Kim Kardashian West will be the new first lady! It is rumored that she is already making plans for herself in this role, and with visiting the white house just a few weeks ago, it’s no wonder she can imagine herself there.

Just think of what kind of laws she would implement, like mandatory selfies, contour kits for all the ladies, and Yeezy shoes for the men. What do you think? Would Kanye and Kim triumph this status, or should they just stick to what they know and keep being reality T.V stars and rap for a living?


Kanye West Drops A Bomb!


Kanye west drops a bomb! And by “bomb” I mean unexpected new album!

It’s titled “Ye” and pronounced like “Yay”. This is an album I feel you definitely need to listen to a couple of times to start vibing it. At first I thought what am I listening to, has Yeezy lost the plot? But after giving it chance it really starts to grow on you and you can hear little audio pieces that sound like the old Yeezy we know and love. I would rate this album a 7/10! It’s not his best work, but there are some real and raw lyrics in there, and definitely catchy tunes.


Perth Zoo suffers a death of world’s oldest Sumatran orangutan

It feels quite surreal to have said goodbye, we all know that life isn’t infinite, but for some reason Puan has always just seemed to be the one who might prove us wrong.

Puan was born in approximately 1956, and has passed away at the grand old age of 62. In saying this, Puan may have been older than what we thought, as she was wild born, so her age has been calculated via old stories, notes and dates long gone. In 2016 she was awarded a Guinness World Record for being the oldest living Sumatran orangutan in the world.

Puan is one of the more difficult members of our colony to write about – she’s not as outgoing as Sekara, as sweet as Utama or as placid as Dinar, but she certainly holds a special place in everyone’s hearts, and her legacy is quite simply incredible. There really aren’t words to describe Puan and the impact she has had on not only the breeding program at Perth Zoo, but also on the people who over the past 50-odd years have cared for her.

Perth Zoo's Puan arrived at Perth Zoo in 1968.,
Perth Zoo’s Puan arrived at Perth Zoo in 1968.,Picture: Alex Asbury.
Th zoo can’t stress enough how incredible her legacy is. She’s a mother to 11 children (most wild orangutans reproduce 4 times in their lives), a grandmother, and a great grandmother. She has 54 descendants, 29 still living, and those descendants are spread across 5 European zoos, 3 in the United States, Singapore Zoo, Adelaide Zoo, Perth Zoo, and of course, Sumatra. Her genetics count for just under 10% of the global captive population.

Impressive statistics.

Puan has 54 descendants around the world.
Puan has 54 descendants around the world.Picture: Alex Asbury

Puan was a ‘hands off’ individual. She was somewhat aloof, the zookeeper that handled her remembers being told early in her career – ‘Puan will decide when and if you may touch her’! When they weighed her they knew they had one chance and one chance only, if they weren’t on the ball and watching closely, she certainly wasn’t going to sit on those scales again. As Kylie Bullo once said to me – ‘Oh Puan, bless her, she never fails to make you feel unworthy’! If they weren’t quick with her dinner, or they kept her inside a minute longer than she deemed necessary, she would let them know by tapping her foot to make them hurry along. they always knew were they stood with Puan.

Puan with her baby in 1974.
Puan with her baby in 1974.Picture: The West Australian

Over the years Puan’s eyelashes had greyed, her movement had slowed down and her mind had started to wander. But she remained the matriarch, the quiet, dignified lady she had always been. Puan demanded and deserved respect, and she certainly had it from all her keepers over the years. She was the founding female of the best breeding colony in the world. She was the invaluable teacher to our youngsters before they were released to Bukit Tigapuluh. The maker of the most amazing nests, and the lady who took no nonsense from her children over the years, but was also the most nurturing mother we had.

Perth Zoo's Puan, the 62 year old Sumatran Orangutan, has descendants all around the world.
Perth Zoo’s Puan, the 62 year old Sumatran Orangutan, has descendants all around the world.Picture: Supplied.

Rest in peace Puan, may you climb happily in the jungles of the sky. Thank you for giving us your legacy, and I promise we’ll look after your family.

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