New Mura Masa alert!

If you love Mura Masa as much as we do here at the Basement you’re gonna love this new track which features crazy adlib rapper ‘Desiigner’. This song is a certified summer banger, and even though it’s cold here in Perth we can already tell you’ll be turning up to this in the clubs for sure.

mura masa

Mura Masa has been killing the music scene lately after taking off from the hit featuring ASAP Rocky ‘Lovesick’. He’s already had another hit this year with Nao ‘Firefly’ and that killed the charts. This is defiantly the year for Mura Masa, we can only hope he drops an album soon!

Lorde knows it’s all go

What a fantastic song this one is, Green light written by New Zealand singer and songwriter Lorde. Released on the 2nd March 2017 through Universal Music New Zealand as the lead singer from the upcoming sophomore album, Melodrama. It was co-written with Jack Antonoff, Joel Little and Lorde who also handled production with Antonoff and Frank Dukes.

Musically Green Light is described as an electro-pop, dance-pop and alternative pop song. It is said to be set in common time with a driving tempo of 129 beats per minute. The Hook in the song “I’m waiting for it, that green light-I want it” has reviewers interpreting the green light as a street signal that gives the listener permission to move on to their future.

Gang coming to town

Aussie favourites Gang Of Youths have released another new song to give us a hint of what is to come on their new upcoming album ‘Go Father In Lightness’! But that’s not all; they have also released dates for their national tour! The band will be playing their tunes around the country between August and September.

Gang of Youths

The album drops on the 18th of August, just in time for their first show in Brisbane. The band must be saving the best until last as their final stop will be with us Perthians! You can catch them playing at Metropolis in Fremantle on Saturday, the 16th of September.

Flume in da house

Something must be in the air this week because there is a wave of new music coming from some of our favourite artists, ALL AT THE SAME TIME! We’re not sure how to handle this, what have we done to receive such good fortune? As soon as we thought maybe our playlists needed updating, the music gods sent down multiple brand new songs for our ears.

Let’s start with one of the best things Australia has ever produced, Flume. (Sorry Vegemite.) Flume has just released a brand new track with Kučka, called Hyperreal. The song is a head bopping dance track but still includes those interesting, ‘chilled out’ vibes that he has been producing ever so well in the last year.


Female trio Haim have also released a new track, a heartfelt ballad titled ‘I Want You Back’. It is the first song to be released from their album ‘Something to Tell You’. From what we currently know, Haim is set to perform a couple shows in NSW in July this year, but apart from that will be touring the US for the rest of the year. Hopefully with the release of a new album, an Australian tour could soon be on the cards? We can only hope!

More new music to check out comes from Odesza, Paramore, Galantis, Niall Horan, Halsey, LCD Soundsystem, Migos, and SO many more! Be prepared to use your data people, this new music is too good to miss.

No Signal is a clear sign

It is said that Prince used to write a song a day. Faderhead has pushed his envelope and set himself a personal challenge. Write the lyrics, record the tracks, record the vocals, mix and master a five track EP in five days AND get it on Bandcamp in that time. Makes us dizzy just thinking about it!

Picture credit @turmaly1

Despite the time limit, it’s a cracking EP. For a long time, Sami has stated his intention to go down tempo and he has followed that path. It still has the trademark Faderhead sound though – good job.

Listen to “Chairman of the Bored” here…

Fav track HAS to be “Chairman of the Bored”, for us. As usual it’s the multiple hooks that keep your attention, reinforced by the simple, direct lyrics and those AWESOME synth drops. Our only disappointment was the exclusion of the “MOAB” track (Mother Of All Bombs) that he previewed in a live Facebook session. THAT would have made this the Mother of all EP’s. You da bomb, Sami!

Life on Mars

It is official! Bruno Mars is heading to Perth. His 24k Magic World Tour will be heading down under early next year, visiting Perth Arena on March 28th, 2017. The tour comes in support of Bruno Mars ‘24k Magic’ album, released November last year. Mars’ last visit to Perth was in 2014, so fans are very excited for the singers return and tickets are expected to sell out. Tickets go on sale online at 2pm this Friday the 5th of May so get onto it fast!
Bruno Mars

Will you be heading to the Bruno Mars concert? Let us know below!

Penny Lane for $120US?

This year is the 50th anniversary of The Beatles’ 1967 release ‘Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band’, one of the most influential albums of all time. To celebrate, the record is being remastered and reissued- in four different formats. Fans can opt to purchase the standard CD version, which features the new ‘Sgt. Pepper’ stereo mix; a two-CD deluxe edition which also contains outtakes and unreleased tracks; a 2-LP deluxe vinyl edition; and for those fans who have cash to burn, they can splash out and buy the Super Deluxe version. This comprehensive 6-disc box set will set you back $120USD but it’ll basically give you all the Beatles goodness you could ever possibly need. Like, you’ll be able to listen to four different takes of ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’, five takes of ‘A Day in the Life’, and three takes of ‘Penny Lane’. What more could you possibly need in life?

The project is being produced by Giles Martin, son of the band’s longtime producer George Martin. In addition to his work on this reissue he has worked on other Beatles material; he remastered the 2016 release of ‘Live at the Hollywood Bowl’, and assisted with the Beatles-themed Cirque du Soleil production of ‘Love’, the 2011 George Harrison documentary ‘Living in the Material World’ and Paul McCartney’s recent album ‘New’. Clearly he knows what he’s doing and fans won’t be disappointed.

Chandelier, you light up my life….

Chandelier, Sia, What a beautiful song that is but it is the film clip that we especially love. The dancer in it is the little girl from Abby Lee’s Dance Moms. Although Maddie Ziegler isn’t a little girl anymore!

The video has been viewed on YouTube more than 1.5 billion times, becoming one of the most viewed YouTube videos ever posted! Sia and Maddie went on to perform the song on a number of TV shows, including, The Ellen Shows, Late Night with Seth Meyers and Saturday Night Live.

Gorillaz, more Human(z) than you think…

With the release of their fifth studio album, Humanz. Virtual Band the Gorillaz have defied expectations, in more than just one way. Spreading rumours about a new album being in the works last year. Co-founder and voice behind the bands virtual front man, “2D”, Damon Albarn hasn’t been afraid to mix things up a little in this new release. To the dismay of many fans, Albarn and 2D took a backseat to the many, many guest features that appeared on the album.


Vince Staples, Grace Jones, Zebra Katz, Pusha T, Danny Brown and old mates De La Soul, are only a few of the many guests who appear on the album. This has upset many fans, due to it creating less room for 2D’s iconic voice to pop up. However, it in-turn introduces an interesting, unique, and political theme to the album. Humanz is “…a party album for a world gone mad.”, discussing themes such as racism, mental health, and military interventions. It has been substituted with more freedom for the guest features to fully explore the lyrics, music, and meaning behind their input. In-turn this creates a unique sound which the band hasn’t explored quite like this before. This has allowed the politics and commentary of the guest vocalists to speak louder than they would have, if this album was released earlier in their discography. Despite these changes, much like with every new release from the band, Humanz is distinctly Gorillaz in-sound, with all the quirks that you’d expect to hear from an album of theirs. You can still distinctly hear all the members, and their impact on the album, with 2D’s soft voice appearing in the background of most songs. Taking centre-stage on one of the albums most atmospheric tracks, “Busted and Blue”. A song which sparks an interesting conversation regarding technology’s role in the modern-day world, and the consequences that could come from our over-reliance on the Internet as a source of entertainment, knowledge, and most of our time.

Noodle’s enthusiasm and youthfulness is also very apparent. Russell’s funky and head-bumping drum beats lays the foundation for most tracks. You even get a sense of Murdoc’s somewhat disturbed and perverse personality while listening to the album. Humanz is still very much a Gorillaz record. While it mightn’t sound anything like their chart-topping and fan-favourite Demon Days album. Neither did Plastic Beach, The Fall, or their debut release. Humanz follows the trend that the Gorillaz have always followed, and that’s to change their sound. To evolve. Humanz is an album that sounds the way it does because of the world it was born into. The reason why some people are unwilling to take the step into embracing this album, is because those people are what inspired the record to take the form it has. It reflects the world we live in through each track, and does a good job at it.

Songs such as Ascension (featuring a personal favourite rapper of mine, Vince Staples), are prime examples of songs that reflect the modern times, discussing the topics of racism, inequality and police brutality. Without even listening to the lyrics you can feel that the atmosphere in which the song creates is one of a young man, not fighting hard to get his voice out, but instead ranting due to exasperation and confusion, as to why the words he’s saying even need to be said. Vince Staples, the other guest features, and the forever-present Gorillaz vibe this album emits, all help to make this record what it is – a f***ing amazing album.