Real Life Mario Kart Racing is coming to Perth

Get super pumped Perth Real life Maria Kart Racing is on its way to our city where you can dress up as your favourite Nintendo characters and shell the hell out of the person coming first, right at the last minute, even if it’s your best friend.

If you or anyone you know has travelled to Japan in the last few years then you’d know that Mario Kart Racing is one of the most popular activities to take part in while on holiday there.

But now, the real-life racing is making its way down under, first along the east coast, and then over to Perth as soon as this November.


According to the Mushroom Racing’s website, the go-karting will be a nostalgic experience that combines your favourite characters, friends and new friends for a driving experience that will take you back in time.”

After fighting over which player you want to be (shotgun yoshi), you will race your mates in up to 20 laps and even have the chance to win a cash prize.

On the race day, you’ll be able to pick your favourite character, drive a custom go karting track dressed as them including a $1000 Cash prize if you complete the track in 40 seconds.


Today we mourn the loss of the beloved rapper Jahseh Onfroy (Xxxtentacion) aged 20 who sadly passed when he was leaving a motorcycle dealership in Florida. He was rushed to hospital after witnesses couldn’t feel a pulse. Videos of his lifeless body were posted online but out of respect for him we are not going to show them, his friends also paid respects to him like rapper Kanye West who took to twitter saying:

Screen Shot 2018-06-19 at 12.43.29 pm.png

Witnesses reported that a Louis Vuitton bag was stolen from the car when the shooting occurred while the gunman fled by a dark coloured SUV. We are going to look at the good things he has done and the thousands of people he has inspired, one of our hosts Kyan being one of them, she said that he inspired her to use her platform to speak about real topics and address real situations rather than sweeping it


under the carpet and ignoring it. Jahseh created a foundation with his mother called “Helping Hand” where they help young children living in poverty, we are sad to have said goodbye to him, as he had such an amazing influence on the rap industry and wasn’t afraid to express himself while being one of the most real rappers in the industry, he will be remembered for his impact in the world.

May you Rest in peace Jahseh Onfroy



For more information on his passing head to :



Perth Zoo Mourns Loss of World’s Oldest Sumatran Orangutan


Perth Zoo is today mourning the loss of the world’s oldest Sumatran orangutan. Puan, who passed away over night at an estimated 62 years old, was awarded the Guinness World Record in 2014 as the oldest known orangutan of her species. Although her exact date of birth was unknown, she arrived in Perth by plane 50 years ago and has been the Queen of Perth Zoo ever since.

Orangutan PuanPuan, the world’s oldest Sumatran orangutan, passed away last night. She had been a Perth local for almost 50 years. Source: The West Australian, Photo by: Alex Asbury

Puan was a great-grandmother and had 54 descendants in total, and her genes accounted for almost 10% of the total captive population.

Puan was euthanised after age-related complications were affecting her quality of life. She was described as a patient, independent matriarch, the “quiet and dignified leader” of her colony.

Her full obituary, written by zookeeper Martina Hart – who has cared for her for the last 18 years – has been released by Perth Zoo this morning.


Caught on video –> An FBI agent in Denva Colorado has successfully pulled off a backflip and shot someone –> Proves you should always be ready cause you never know when you are going to get that opportunity to take that shot! (JOKES).

Video source credit: CBS Miami posted on youtube.
In the video you can see the off-duty FBI agent gathers a neat crowd and is clearly performing his best dance moves in a party circle when he performed the backflip. NO, he didn’t actually pull off a shot during the flip as he had only noticed his gun had fallen onto the ground in front of him after he landed. The gun was actually fired when he was reaching to pick it up post flip. The good news is that the person he shot was only hit in the leg and is expected to have a full recovery.

This certainly brings a new perspective and thread to the current conversations around gun laws in America.

In Australia though –> TAKE NOTE –> the next time you are at a party and someone is about to pull off a backflip, make sure no is concealing a boomerang !!! cause you might get hit not ONCE, but TWICE !!

Credit Source: Patrick Martin /The Washington Post