Perth Lotto Win

PERTH office men’s lives have changed dramatically after they we’re the lucky ones with the correct numbers on their lotto ticket. The mass group of fourteen men went splits in a syndicate lottery ticket winning $4.2 million division one prize, winning $285,000 each. The win came at a great time for the group with many of them having recently lost their jobs and “It was starting to look pretty tough financially for quite a few of us,” they said. As all adults have they have responsibilities i.e. School fees, mortgages and just everyday bills.


The lucky ticket was purchased form Flinders Square Lucky Lotto in Yokine. They weren’t actually aware of the winnings until they scanned the ticket, realising the win and almost falling to the ground in shock & happiness.

Scott Disick and Bella Thorne are dating, wait a minute WHAT?!?!


A repost came out early this week that 33 year old Scott and 19 year old Bella were seen out on the town together on what looked like a date.

Bella Thorne1

Since then more reports have come out about the two and what people close to them think, especially Scott’s famous baby mamma Kourtney Kardashian and she is not happy. A lot of people have been wondering if Scott has done this to get under Kourtney’s skin and if so, it’s definitely worked but I mean can you really blame her?

Bella Thorne2

Bella and the Kardashian family have known each other and been close for year, Bella and Kylie Jenner are even good friends, so the family has watched Bella grow up. Kourtney is not alone in her dislike of the pair. Bella’s friends and family don’t like it either as they are worried she will get hurt, but according to a report Bella is not taking the relationship very seriously saying it’s just a bit of fun. This whole relationship, serious or not, has definitely got people asking “is it really appropriate?”. Well either way it’s definitely got people pretty weirded out and I don’t think it’s the last time we are going to hear about this couple.

Bella Thorne 3

Perth Children’s Hospital lead contamination report

The Government has outlined it’s plan to fix lead contamination by flushing phosphate through the hospital pipelines.

Childrens hospital

It has been an ongoing before the unveiling of the new Perth Children’s Hospital with the most resent explanation of the lead contamination the “dead leg” pipe being reportedly unlikely to explain the cause of the contamination.

With the ongoing lead contamination of the Perth’s Children Hospital water system the Western Australian Government has sought to distance itself from an independent report, seeking to put blame on the head contractor.

As per the building commission report last month the source of the lead contamination is supposed to be residue from an old, cut off “dead leg” water pipe in the water system. The Government disputes the source of the residue and has now released its own report conducted by the Department of Treasury and the Department of Health

The Jacobs report said because the hospital was still recording lead levels, and the dead leg was removed in September, it is “unlikely to explain the persistence of the lead problem”.

Photo: Treasurer Ben Wyatt (l) and Health Minister Roger Cook say there is no current risk. (ABC News: Eliza Laschon)

“The Building Commission recommend the state carry out additional tests to determine the proportions of lead that came from any of the identified sources,” Building Commissioner Peter Gow said.

“Any further testing that clarifies the relative contributions is welcome.”

Rebel With A Cause

As much as we all love to see an Aussie star returning home in the case of Pitch Perfect star Rebel Wilson it is a bit of a sad story.

Rebel Wilson

Wilson is testifying again media giant Bauer Media ( publishers of OK and Woman’s Day) over comments made in 2015. Rebel’s legal team said that her case will focus around a particular article – “Just who is the real Rebel Wilson”- that suggested she, “invented fantastic stories in order to make it to Hollywood” without asking for her comment. If the two parties fail to reach an agreement Wilson will give evidence in the Supreme Court from the 22 May.

Yowies are finally back on the shelves

The Chocolate, similar to a kinder surprise will be back on the shelves soon . If you remember the mythical Aussie creatures……..


Yowies were launched in Australia and New Zealand in 1995 by Cadbury. The Iconic Characters Rumble, Boof, Crag, Ditty, Nap and Squish — along with their animal friends and Grumkin adversaries are finally back after a 12 year gap.

A Perth-based licensing company, Yowie Group Pty Ltd, secured the rights to the brand in 2012 and they began producing and distributing the chocolates in America where they have proven popular.

The Chief operating officer Mark Schussler said, “we are very happy to be getting back into the Australian market given the brands history and nostalgia for Yowie”. At it’s peak in the 90’s Yowie’s sold 65 million units worth more than 100 million dollars. That is almost 3 Yowie’s per Australian per year. A disagreement with Cadbury and Yowie’s creators led to the chocolates being discontinued in 2005.


The confectionary maker posted it’s best quarterly sales results of 7.8 million Australian dollars – a 50 percent jump from the previous quarter. All in all, it is a welcome return to all who love and remember the choccies and enjoy seeing a childhood favourite making a return to form.

Overtaking the Holidays: Potential Ban on Bussell Highway

Main Roads have recently announced the consideration of blocking the overtaking lanes on the South West stretch of highway between Capel and Busselton, specifically during the peak holiday periods such as Easter long weekend. The decision came with the intention to improve the flow of traffic and reduce dangerous driving. WA Police South West Superintendent Mick Sutherland elaborated, saying it could reduce “bottlenecking”, which is where a number of motorists speed up to overtake a slower car, but have to brake suddenly when the overtaking lane ends, resulting in traffic build-up.

Busselton Highway

Former police superintendent David Parkinson, however, disagreed, commenting that peak holiday periods required heavier policing on roads, rather than the blocking of overtaking lanes. Parkinson further explained that simply blocking the overtaking lanes wouldn’t prevent arrogant drivers from causing dangerous situations, and that this could only be dealt with by showing no mercy on unsafe drivers.

Do you think blocking the overtaking lanes will help or hinder the flow of traffic over holiday periods? Have your say in the comments!

When An Innocent Idea Goes Wrong

As part of a promotional push for Coles Supermarkets over the Easter long weekend, the store advertised that all checkouts would be attended by staff from Saturday through until Monday.


Brilliant idea yeah?

You’d think so, but thanks to some highbrow humourists and outright freaks and creeps it’s all gone wrong.

Poor staff throughout the Perth metropolitan area were sexual harassed by a number of customers who took it as an excuse to make sexual advances on staff

An anonymous staff member told

“A lot of staff are getting smut talk from customers [as in], ‘Are you free? Let’s go together’… Some of these staff members are young, too.”