Be Encouraged to take a Chance

Chance The Rapper is not only a great artist, but it turns out he is a great quality guy as well. He will be providing professional sign language interpretation for hearing impaired fans on the remaining dates of his Be Encouraged Tour.


The hip hop legend has invited American Sign Language (ASL) expert Matt Maxey to translate his song lyrics whilst he performs live on stage. At one of his shows recently in Florida, Chance (real name Chancelor Bennett) gave out 50 free front row tickets to hearing impaired fans, whilst Maxey and two other interpreters translated on stage.

It is slowly becoming more common for artists to provide their own translators at gigs, which would save fans lots of time, money and effort, as many fans have to bring their own translators to gigs. Props to Chance the Rapper for always winning our hearts!


Australia seems to be the place to be for the coolest acts to come and tour in the next year. First off the bat is the man himself, Harry Styles. Styles is already coming to Australia in November this year for 2 sold out shows in Sydney and Melbourne, but will be returning in April 2018 for shows in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and PERTH! Keep Saturday the 21st of April free, and stay near your computers because tickets are sure to sell out in a heartbeat!

harry styles

New Zealand artist Lorde will also be coming to Australia in November this year, hitting up Kings Park & Botanic Garden on Saturday the 18th of November. If you’re more into hip hop, you may be in luck because rumours are MIGOS will be coming sometime in 2018. Concert promoters Illusive Presents teased the announcement on their social media, simply stating ‘Rain Drop. Drop Top’. For those who don’t know, that’s a reference to Migos’ famous track ‘Bad and Boujee’. It would be the first time the trio have toured Australia, so hopes are high! Luckily for you, The Basement will have all the updates!


Plenty of reasons to get sweaty at Hot Freaks 2017

Jacob wk 7

Hot Freaks was undoubtedly one of the most important gigs for local music that has occurred in this first half of 2017.Featuring local Perth artists such as Grim Fandango, Red Jezebel, Glass Wave, as well as Brisbane rockers Screamfeeder. The line-up of this years show went above and beyond as far as representing Perth’s ever growing rock scene is concerned.

Taking place over seven hours, from 6pm to 1:30am the following morning. There wasn’t a single second of the event which made you feel as if you wanted to be somewhere else. Even for me, someone who goes to sleep at 9pm, I was energised the entire night. Looking forward to the next set of the next band for the next amazing performance.One of the major highlights of the night was Glass Wave. A Perth Punk band that’s been gaining popularity since the release of their debut EP in December last year. Playing a mixture of familiar tracks from their EP, and new tunes which haven’t been heard before. They even said while I talked to them after their set, that we should keep an eye out for a new tune, and accompanying music video within the next two months.

Hot Freaks 2017 was undoubtedly one of Perth’s greatest local gigs this side of the year. And hopefully, thanks to the amount of people who showed up, is something that we’ll get to see again next year.

(If you want to stay up to date with any Hot Freak events, head over to their facebook page:

Jacob wk 7b

This will strike a chord

Perth Music Week is almost upon us and in The Basement we are working hard to bring you the biggest, baddest music week EVER!

birds of tokyo

The team have been slaving to find you the best tunes in the state and have been scouring the WAM website amongst others in an attempt to leave no strings un-tuned. So make sure you are tuned to The Basement from June 5th through to June 9th to hear the very best in local, home-grown music.

Sia is coming to Aus!

Sia has announced that she will be touring down under along with an awesome team of girls to support her. If the music world could recreate a girl band as good as the Spice Girls, this would be it. Sia will be returning to Australia in November this year, supported by Charlie XCX, MØ and Amy Shark!


Having released 2 albums since her last tour in 2011, Sia is sure to be performing non stop hits the entire tour. If you’re interested in attending the mini girl power festival in either Sydney or Melbourne, presale tickets are available Friday, June 2nd.

The Basement Bake Sale Launch

We may have been broadcasting for a couple of months now but we finally officially launched The Basement amidst much fanfare last Tuesday with bake sales at the Leederville and Northbridge TAFE campuses. For weeks we’d been planning- who knew that something as simple as a bake sale would have so many logistical considerations? For most of us it was our first ever attempt at building an event from the ground up and the amount of things we had to think about was massive. OHS? Building a cash float? Making sure we had a tarp in case it rained? Couldn’t we just put some cake on a table and be done with it? Apparently not.

 bake sale 1

We spent six weeks learning about how to plan and execute an event. While it could have easily spiralled into complete disaster everyone pulled their weight- whether it was through finding all the tiny bits and pieces we needed, writing up a safety report, scripting or recording promos, and, of course, baking a ton of food.

bake sale 2

While on the day the weather was kind of terrible (after weeks of sunshine) that didn’t dampen our enthusiasm! At the Leederville campus, we sold brownies, cupcakes, mini doughnuts, cheese sticks, and a variety of presents for mother’s day- candles, wine holders, artwork, etc. The Northbridge campus had an incredible array of cupcakes and muffins.

bake sale 3

The bake sale was primarily an opportunity for us to promote our brand and encourage new listeners but it was also a fundraising event. Between the two teams we raised more than $1400, which is an obscene amount of money! The bake sale has become a yearly tradition for Diploma students here at TAFE in Leederville and we managed to break the previously held profit record by a massive margin. We had a really successful day and we’d like to thank everyone who took the time to come down and support us.


Koi Child leave pond

If you’re not quick, you’ll miss out on your last chance to see Freo Jazz-infused Hip Hop locals Koi Child perform, before they go silent. The band announced the gig along with news that they’ll be taking a fair bit of time off to write new tunes and get some more music out. The Freo band is greatly known for their work alongside Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker, having had their debut album recorded, mixed and co-produced by him.


Hosted at The Badlands Bar, on May the 26th. It’s their first, and last Australian show since getting back from the US touring. Supporting acts include local musician Benjamin Witt and Perth radio host Caitlin Nienber DJ’ing at the event. (Band member Christian Ruggiero’s dad will also be serving up “the best snags in Aus” for $3 during the gig. Just in case you needed another reason to go.)

More information on the gig can be found on their events Facebook page:

OMG Jason Blossom was killed by WHO?!?

******Fair warning this contains spoilers!!!******

So the second last episode of the first season of Riverdale was aired last week and OMG!!! We finally got the answer to the question that has been on all our lips since January, who killed Jason Blossom? Well the answer is….. his DAD! What the heck!!


We finally have our answer but now we just have more questions, ahhhh why? The season finale airs this Friday and we will all be on the edge of our seats!!! So be sure to get the popcorn and go to the bathroom before it starts because you won’t want to miss a minute.

The Right Ingredients

The day has finally arrived. Across our great city, kitchens have been a hive of activity as the Basement team have slaved over hot stoves to bring you the finest in home made baked goods.


Muffins, brownies and cupcakes are going to be making an appearance at both Leederville and Northbridge TAFE campuses TODAY between 10am and 1.30pm, so come on down and bring some cash to swap for some AWESOME home-cooked goodies.

It’s gonna be the icing on the cake 🙂

Lady Gaga Debuts New Track at Coachella

Lady Gaga headlined the second night of the Coachella festival this weekend. She was the first solo female artist to do so, filling in for Beyonce who pulled out of the lineup after falling pregnant earlier this year. Her set was made up of classic hits including ‘Born this Way’, ‘The Edge of Glory’ and ‘Just Dance’, as well as a selection of new songs from her album Joanne which was released in October.

gaga coachella

The highlight of the evening though was her unexpectedly dropping a new song on the audience- it’s called ‘The Cure’ and is pretty far removed from the country/rock stylings of her recent music. In fact, it sounds exactly like it could have come from somebody like The Chainsmokers- definitely something new from Gaga. It’s a total jam and sounds modern and fresh. Hopefully we don’t have to wait too long for a new release.

Listen Here!