Stick around for fun

Not that we are ageist or anything, but we reckon that some of our older readers may remember a game called Lemmings. Basically, the game revolved around saving a bunch of creatures, hell bent on mass self destruction from themselves. Simple and addictive. Zoom forward to today and we have…..<insert drum roll>….Sticklings.

We have been grinning at the screen of the iPad Pro in the office for a few weeks now. The gameplay is quick and easy to pick up, but not so easy to master……

It’s available for iOS and android so why not  give it a try? PS. There are plenty of help videos for when you get stuck…

Wandering the Wild lands

Ghost Recon Wildlands is a group based RP game that is based on the Tom Clancy novels.

Whilst it has great credentials, and the gameplay of taking down the trash as a group is satisfying, the vast expanse of the game tends to dilute the action. The game is graphically rather good.

Ghost Recon

Gameplay between fights is essentially following clues that your CIA handler, Karen provides which in turn provide other clues and tip-offs. Eventually, your hard work leads to confrontations with sidekicks of El Sueno.

Collectors will enjoy the chance to stockpile weapons and nice touches like the in-game drone adds interest.

Ultimately, the missions become tiresome and the story is lacking but if you like stealth gameplay it may be worth your coin.