• RIGHT NOW –> Put your index & middle finger together and place them on the carotid artery on either side of your neck to ‘FEEL the BEAT‘  !!! …

If YOU are like most of the population you’ll just have a regular boring heartbeat BUT… whispers have been heard travelling the globe and successfully caught by those people wanting and craving a particular change to REVOLUTIONISE and INVIGORATE their radio listening to –> FUN –> ALTERNATE –> DIVERSE –> YOUTH –> and RELEVANT —> with thumping tunes to accompany.

Be sure to tune in and turn up your body’s functioning to becoming a hip hop, banging, vibrant machine that is well up to date with LOCAL events, ‘Hot Goss’, News and Sport, latest product and entertainment reviews and the best of internet gone viral. 

Tune in to THE PULSE and FEEL THE BEAT !!!!

(Use the TUNE IN application on the app store or click into the website online).

See you there.