This month will mark the 6th anniversary of Amy Winehouse’s premature death.

An unsettling fact that even 6 years down her passing is still very difficult for us to stomach…

A member of the elusive and remarkably tragic “27 club”, Amy Winehouse passed away as a result of accidental alcohol poisoning at the tender age. After undoubtably making a significant impact on the world through her music and tumultuous private life, the world is still so fascinated by the very talented, late songstress.

“Before Frank” is the latest memoir to pay homage to the late star. And this one has pictures… Lot’s and lots of pictures…

Credit: Photography — Charles Moriarty

Now before you have any preconceived idea of what kinds of photos you think you’d be seeing of Amy — think again…

Credit: Photography — Charles Moriarty

This collection of photos will expose a different side to Amy that the world is probably not familiar with — a much happier Amy, “Before Frank”. “Before Frank” is a book made up of photographs of the English songstress shot by photographer Charles Moriarty during intimate photo sessions. The book will feature previously unseen photos of Amy Winehouse taken around the release of her debut studio album ‘Frank’. A much happier Amy Winehouse — perhaps even the happiest we’ve ever seen.

The book is currently in the works after receiving funding from a Kickstarter campaign. “Before Frank” is set to be the latest intimate portrait of Amy’s life following the 2015 release of the highly acclaimed yet criticised “Amy” documentary directed by Asif Kapadia.

Charles Moriarty who actually formed a friendship with Winehouse contrary to Kapadia — had this to say about the “Amy” documentary when compared to his book…

“I saw Asif Kapadia’s movie “Amy” last year and I came away with this deep sadness and I wanted to leave people with something happier. I think it’s an amazing documentary but Before Frank is something different and casts her in a fresher and happier light. For me it feels like sharing a memory I’ve had for a long time. I think they needed to come out. We were kids when these photos were taken, Amy was just twenty, and we just had such a fun time.”

Credit: Photography — Charles Moriarty

The book is set to be self-released (without a ‘big-shot’ publisher) in August 2017 and is a great testament of a real friend preserving a loved one’s memory. Below are come images that can be found in “Before Frank”. These shots reveal a healthy, seemingly happy and relaxed Amy Winehouse. A refreshing perspective and contrast to the bombardment of far more heartbreaking tabloid images that noted her last years with us…


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