You’re Fyred!

Ja Rule’s luxury Fyre Festival event in the Bahamas this weekend turned out to be a complete and total flop. Guests shelled out between $1k and $12k with the promise of gourmet food and lavish accommodation, however received something very different. With a shoddy tent city and lackluster food (pictured), guests were far from pleased. On top of all that, the event organisers could pay the talent, with Blink 182 dropping out on the day before the festival after not receiving their money.

Fyre food
Photo credit @trev4president

The Festival was cancelled before it began, with guests calling “scam” on the organisers. Ja Rule offered an apology, insisting that it was not his fault, however he was deeply sorry and would provide refunds for the attendees. Ex-employees of the festival organisers have started posting their opinions on what exactly went wrong, marking it up to very poor organisation and money issues.

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