Yowies are finally back on the shelves

The Chocolate, similar to a kinder surprise will be back on the shelves soon . If you remember the mythical Aussie creatures……..


Yowies were launched in Australia and New Zealand in 1995 by Cadbury. The Iconic Characters Rumble, Boof, Crag, Ditty, Nap and Squish — along with their animal friends and Grumkin adversaries are finally back after a 12 year gap.

A Perth-based licensing company, Yowie Group Pty Ltd, secured the rights to the brand in 2012 and they began producing and distributing the chocolates in America where they have proven popular.

The Chief operating officer Mark Schussler said, “we are very happy to be getting back into the Australian market given the brands history and nostalgia for Yowie”. At it’s peak in the 90’s Yowie’s sold 65 million units worth more than 100 million dollars. That is almost 3 Yowie’s per Australian per year. A disagreement with Cadbury and Yowie’s creators led to the chocolates being discontinued in 2005.


The confectionary maker posted it’s best quarterly sales results of 7.8 million Australian dollars – a 50 percent jump from the previous quarter. All in all, it is a welcome return to all who love and remember the choccies and enjoy seeing a childhood favourite making a return to form.

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