Overtaking the Holidays: Potential Ban on Bussell Highway

Main Roads have recently announced the consideration of blocking the overtaking lanes on the South West stretch of highway between Capel and Busselton, specifically during the peak holiday periods such as Easter long weekend. The decision came with the intention to improve the flow of traffic and reduce dangerous driving. WA Police South West Superintendent Mick Sutherland elaborated, saying it could reduce “bottlenecking”, which is where a number of motorists speed up to overtake a slower car, but have to brake suddenly when the overtaking lane ends, resulting in traffic build-up.

Busselton Highway

Former police superintendent David Parkinson, however, disagreed, commenting that peak holiday periods required heavier policing on roads, rather than the blocking of overtaking lanes. Parkinson further explained that simply blocking the overtaking lanes wouldn’t prevent arrogant drivers from causing dangerous situations, and that this could only be dealt with by showing no mercy on unsafe drivers.

Do you think blocking the overtaking lanes will help or hinder the flow of traffic over holiday periods? Have your say in the comments!

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