Rapper Mac Miller has died of an apparent overdose at age 26.

Law enforcement sources confirmed to the celebrity news site (TMZ) that Mac was found dead at his San Fernando Valley Home at around noon September 7th. The police were reportedly called by a close friend of the rapper, who was in Mac’s home at the time of the call.

TMZ says “Miller has battled substance abuse issues for years.” This past May, he was arrested for a DUI after crashing his G-wagon into a utility pole. Although he fled the scene at the time, Mac later confessed at his home and is said to have exceeded two times the legal limit.ssy3iAJGtcY3

Following Mac’s arrest, his ex-girlfriend Ariana Grande tweeted the words “pls take care of yourself,” and while the tweet wasn’t directly aimed at him (He wasn’t tagged), it was assumed that her message was for him.




The AFL Season has come to a close and what a season it has been, but now it is time fir the real action!

Let’s see how the ladder panned out and go through our predictions for Finals Week 1

Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at 10.20.50 am

With 1st to 4th getting a double chance and 5th to 8th playing in a do or die clash, lets have a look at the match ups and I’ll give my predictions.

Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at 10.38.23 am


Thursday: September 6th

Richmond vs Hawthorn- This will be a tight contest but I am tipping the upset of Hawthorn by 8 points

Friday: September 7th

Melbourne vs Geelong- These two have played in two ripping games through 2018, this will be no different and I think the Cats will get up again, this time by 11 points.

Saturday: September 8th

Sydney vs GWS- This will be another tight one, I think Sydney’s experience will get it done. Im going Sydney by 13 points

Saturday: September 8th

West Coast vs Collingwood- West Coast will go in favourites but i can’t tip against my Pies. Im tipping Collingwood by 2 points.




Nicki Minaj Says She “loves” Kylie Jenner despite her fued with Travis Scott

Nicki Minaj took to Queen Radio to respond to the allegations after her twitter rant over the weekend about Travis Scott

Screen Shot 2018-08-27 at 2.34.08 pm.png

Screen Shot 2018-08-27 at 2.34.24 pm.png

Screen Shot 2018-08-27 at 2.34.31 pm.png

Nicki talked about the video of Kylie avoiding her. “I thought it was really funny, and I actually thought it was cute,” she said. “I f*cking love Kylie, and that’s never going to change. She has been put in a little awkward situation, but this isn’t real life — this is entertainment. I love Kylie and so do my fans. She got to ride with her man; why the f*ck wouldn’t she?”

Even though Nicki brought up Kylie in her initial rant, the rapper told listeners to leave the reality star out of the drama. “We’re not gonna start a dumb*ss cat fight,” she said. “This is strictly about music. She has nothing to do with this. She supported her man as she should. My fans and I aren’t feeding into this. We love Kylie.”

PUP Art Exhibition .. Something you can’t Bark at!!

To celebrate & raise awareness of the extraordinary impact Guide Dogs make in our community, the Perth Art Upmarket will host an art exhibition of WA’s iconic coin collection dogs.

The Pup Art Exhibition will display 25 life-sized collection dogs, which have been hand-painted and decorated by local artists and supporters.


The exhibition will preview on Saturday 25 August at the Perth Art Upmarket, timed to coincide with National Dog Day on 26 August. The unique work of art will be showcased from Monday 10th – Friday 21st September (Mon – Fri  9am – 5pm) at Central Park in the Perth CBD.


In addition to raising community awareness, the art exhibition will double as a major fundraising campaign. Following the exhibition, the decorated collection dogs will be sold via an online auction throughout September and October 2018.

National Dog Day is held on 26 August each year and celebrates the impact dogs have on our lives each and every day. National Dog Day acknowledges family dogs and raises awareness about the number of dogs that need to be rescued each year. Plus the Day highlights the selfless work of dogs who help save or transform lives, keep us safe and bring us comfort.

So go give your fury friend a big cuddle and come down and support a great cause!

Cindy Brown


Million-Dollar McGovern To The Rescue: West Coast’s Week Just Got More Bizarre


AFL Rd 21 - Port Adelaide v West Coast
HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF: Déjà vu for Port Adelaide. West Coast work a modern-day miracle. PHOTO: Getty Images/Daniel Kalisz

FOOTBALL, yep… just football, it’s a fascinating game. If you’re a Port fan, just don’t read this please. Adelaide fans, you’ll probably enjoy this.

WATCH: Jeremy McGovern’s stunning match winning mark and goal.

The West Coast Eagles in the wake of the Andrew Gaff suspension saga have managed to steal an incredible victory over an injury-hit Power side. Jeremy McGovern, who has just signed a five-year deal with the club kicked a goal after the siren, I repeat AFTER THE SIREN to beat Port Adelaide at Adelaide Oval on Saturday night.

Double déjà vu has officially hit the Port Adelaide Football Club. For the second year in a row Port lose to the Eagles after the siren at a similar point in the season.

Just like all good criminals the Eagles hit something and then stole something over the course of this week (I’m joking).

With just over a minute to play in Saturday’s game, West Coast had the ball deep in their backline, 30 seconds later Mark LeCras snapped a goal from the goal-square after a looping handball from Jamie Cripps. After the restart and then a ball-up, out-of-contract ruckman and Power-fancy Scott Lycett slapped the ball onto the boot into the ‘gecko hands’ of Jeremy McGovern, 27 seconds remained on the clock. McGovern then went back, waited for the siren to blow and calmly slotted the winner in uncanny similarity to a certain teammates goal last season.

History had been repeated.

The Power suffered injuries to three key players, star ruckman Paddy Ryder (knee), former-Sun and full forward Charlie Dixon (ankle) and young defender Dan Houston (concussion) earlier in the match. These three would have helped Port tremendously in the last term. The Power could be without Dixon for the remainder of the year. Houston and Ryder are uncertain on their timeline for recovery.

HOUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM: It was a painful night for the Power (and my puns/jokes) PHOTO: Getty Images/Daniel Kalisz

If you have a memory or live in Perth you’ll know that last year, Luke Shuey famously kicked a goal after the siren to beat the Power, at the end of an extra time mind you. Shuey performed his notoriously shady ducking manoeuvre to get Port midfielder Jared Polec to take him high with seconds to spare. He took the free kick and then put a dagger through the heart of every Port supporter with a dead-straight set shot punt.

WATCH: Luke Shuey caps off a marathon Elimination Final with a goal after-the-siren

“YOU’LL GET YOUR TURN JEREMY”: Luke Shuey celebrates the post-siren winning goal against the Power in last year’s Elimination Final. (2017) PHOTO: AFL Media

Oh and you thought that was the end of it all? Luke Shuey also booted the winning goal vs Port Adelaide two years prior, in Round 6 2015…at the Adelaide Oval. With 11 seconds to go in the last term, Shuey rammed home a major to score a 10-point victory over the Power.

WATCH: Luke Shuey’s ‘moment of reckoning’. The sealer vs Port Adelaide in 2015.

images (92)
TORMENTOR: Luke Shuey is an eyesore to Port Adelaide fans and players alike. (2015) PHOTO: AFL Media
DOUBLE DEJA VU: West Coast Steals The Game Off Of The Power: Chapter III. (2018) PHOTO: Getty Images/Daniel Kalisz

West Coast just seem to really, really love beating the Power in stunning fashion in Adelaide. Each time they’ve just seemed to out-do themselves and tonight’s victory was funnier than it was epic.

Also, every winning goal for each epic victory has been at the same end of the ground and they’ve all been night games.

Imagine being Ken Hinkley, he must have convulsions every time he sees the West Coast blue and gold with the white shorts.

Port Adelaide face Collingwood and Essendon, two sides also vying for a top-8 berth. It just gets tougher for the Power.

West Coast take on Melbourne and Brisbane in the last two rounds of the season to secure a top-two spot.


Port Adelaide 9.4.58

def by.

West Coast 9.8.62



FIFA World Cup 2018: Reviewing my predictions

SINGING IN THE RAIN: The inclement weather certainly didn’t ‘rain’ on France’s parade. PHOTO: DNA India

A ROLLERCOASTER RIDE was this 2018 edition of international football’s most prestigious tournament, with France taking out the top prize beating Croatia 4-2 in the final in Moscow. Russia put on an amazing display of colour, culture and camaraderie with all 32 teams walking away feeling like they achieved something.

After the first weekend of play, I attempted to predict this unpredictable world phenomenon and not surprisingly I failed miserably in some respects. From the group stage to the final, there was just some things that didn’t go the way of me, you or anybody who tried to shine the crystal ball of world football.

So today, I’ll go through all of my predictions from Group A to Group H and the knockout stages. It will be interesting to see just how hard it is to prognosticate the event that is the World Cup.

Group stages:
FRENCH REVELATION: Kylian Mbappe is only 19, just let that sink in. PHOTO: Hypebeast


The group stages certainly did not go to plan for many of the big juggernauts of the World Cup. Germany for example, the reigning champions, were eliminated in humiliating circumstances by South Korea. This made way for the lesser-nations, the teams that were there to ‘make up the numbers’ to be successful on the big stage. Japan and Sweden played out of their skins due to these opportunities. There were also teams who exceeded expectations like England, Mexico and especially Croatia. In this section, I show you my original prediction and the actual outcome, highlighted in pink. There are some interesting results, so take a look for yourself.

Group A:


1. Uruguay

2. Russia

3. Egypt

4. Saudi Arabia

Actual outcome:

1. Uruguay

2. Russia

3. Saudi Arabia

4. Egypt



1. Spain

2. Portugal

3. Iran

4. Morocco

Actual outcome:

1. Spain

2. Portugal

3. Iran

4. Morocco

Group C:


1. France

2. Australia

3. Denmark

4. Peru

Actual outcome:

1. France

2. Denmark

3. Peru

4. Australia

Group D:


1. Croatia

2. Argentina

3. Iceland

4. Nigeria

Actual outcome:

1. Croatia

2. Argentina

3. Nigeria

4. Iceland



1. Brazil

2. Switzerland

3. Serbia

4. Costa Rica

Actual outcome:

1. Brazil

2. Switzerland

3. Serbia

4. Costa Rica

Group F:


1. Mexico

2. Germany

3. Sweden

4. South Korea

Actual outcome:

1. Sweden

2. Mexico

3. South Korea

4. Germany



1. Belgium

2. England

3. Tunisia

4. Panama

Actual outcome:

1. Belgium

2. England

3. Tunisia

4. Panama

Group H:


1. Colombia

2. Poland

3. Japan

4. Senegal

Actual outcome:

1. Colombia

2. Japan

3. Senegal

4. Poland

Three out of eight groups predicted correctly in order ain’t bad. In a tough tournament, I can hold my head up high here.

Knockout stages:

HEROIC: Luka Modric owned Croatia this past month with his dazzling displays on the pitch. PHOTO: SB Nation

The knockout stages are expected to display incredible football with the juggernauts coming out on top. This was partly true and albeit we didn’t get to see powerhouses everywhere it made for an even more entertaining knockout phase. All I can say is Croatia and England, enough said.

Round of 16:


France (WIN) v Argentina

Uruguay v Portugal (WIN)

Spain (WIN) v Russia

Croatia (WIN) v Australia

Brazil v Germany (WIN)

Belgium (WIN) v Poland

Mexico (WIN) v Switzerland

Colombia (WIN) v England

Actual outcome:

France 4 def. Argentina 3

Uruguay 2 def. Portugal 1

Russia 1 def. Spain 1(4-3 on penalties)

Croatia def. Denmark 1-1 (3-2 on penalities)

Brazil 2 def. Mexico 0

Belgium 3 def. Japan 2

Sweden 1 def. Switzerland 0

England 1 def. Colombia 1 (4-3 on penalties)



France v Portugal (WIN)

Germany v Belgium (WIN)

Spain (WIN) v Croatia

Mexico v Colombia (WIN)

Actual outcome:

France 2 def. Uruguay 0

Belgium 2 def. Brazil 1

England 2 def. Sweden 0 

Russia 2 v Croatia 2 (4-3 on penalties)



Portugal v Spain (WIN)

Belgium (WIN) v Colombia

Actual outcome:

Croatia 2 def. England 1 (ET)

France 1 def. Belgium 0

Third Place:


Portugal (WIN) v Colombia

Actual outcome:

Belgium 2 def. England 0



Spain v Belgium (WIN)

Actual outcome:

France 4 def. Croatia 2

SYMBOLIC: Luka Modric was everywhere but just couldn’t help an unlucky Croatia get over the line in the final. PHOTO: Sportsnet

Well my knockout phase predictions were incredibly far off the mark as the competition went further on. Spain in the final, Colombia and Portugal making it through to the last four, Germany making it to the knockout stages and Mexico getting to the quarter finals, they were rough, give me a break. What did happen was very special and I much preferred the real life outcome to my predictions. In summary here I predicted;

  • 4 out of the 8 Round of 16 matches
  • 3 of the the 8 quarter-finalists
  • 1 of the 4 semi-finalists

The rest was wrong but again the predictions were not bad in reality.

Overall this World Cup was by far the most entertaining and memorable I’ve ever watched. The pride and the passion was in full swing and I cannot wait to see it happen all over again for the 22nd time in Qatar 2022. Until then, goodbye.






So Andrew Gaff Did This… – Round 20 Of The AFL Was Insane

OUT: The moment Andrew Gaff struck Fremantle youngster Andrew Brayshaw in the third term of Sunday’s Western Derby. PHOTO: The West Australian

UNBELEIVABLY EPIC is two words to describe this round of football, it was a mega finals series within the home and away season.

The round started off with 5 of the first 6 games decided by under 5 points, saw former Magpie and current St Kilda midfielder Nathan Freeman play his first game after five seasons on an AFL list and had Sydney Swan Alex Johnson return after six years on the sidelines. Buddy kicked 6 and Michael Walters took what could be mark of the year plus much, much, much more.

You better have recorded every game.

Oh and in other news, West Coast Eagle and Brownlow Medal fancy Andrew Gaff, known for his professional, well-mannered and clean approach sent 18-year-old Fremantle Docker Andrew Brayshaw into oblivion with a punch Barry Hall’d be dazed by. West Coast won the game by 58 points.

WATCH: Andrew Gaff’s sickening off-the-ball hit on Andrew Brayshaw.

AGONY: A bloodied Andrew Brayshaw walks off the ground with a broken jaw on Sunday afternoon. PHOTO: AFL Media

It was the last thing you’d expect even in the most hostile of games, the Western Derby. A game that has seen plenty of spite in it’s 23-year history, this was one game that will stick in the mind of fans and players alike for many years. During the third quarter of Sunday afternoon’s game between the Eagles and the Dockers, Andrew Gaff was tussling with fellow Andrew, Andrew Brayshaw on the far wing of Optus Stadium. Brayshaw had up until this point being playing quite well and so had Gaff. As they were confronting each other, Gaff did the unthinkable and threw a left hook downing the youngster and sending him to hospital with a broken jaw.

The incident sparked a brawl involving many of the players, including Gaff. Gaff was taken to the bench and looked incredibly emotional and remorseful in the hands of coach Adam Simpson. This fizzled out and broke into another brawl later in the term when he was met solidly by Fremantle late inclusion Michael Johnson and defender Luke Ryan. This followed with a chorus of boos for a few Fremantle players involved in the remonstration. Dockers coach Ross Lyon had to calm his troops at the 3QTR-time break to keep them from bringing themselves into “disrepute” Lyon said when talking to the media post-game.


The West Coast #3 was in the last quarter given a standing ovation after the game and mobbed by teammates after kicking a goal in the 4th quarter. Many pundits and fans taking to social media to voice their disgust for the West Coast fans support of Gaff’s actions.


OUTPOURING OF EMOTION: Andrew Gaff shows remorse on the sidelines after the incident PHOTO: AFL Media

In an interview with David King on Fox Footy post-match the West Coast superstar apologised to the family of Andrew Brayshaw.

“I feel sick. I feel sick about it.

“I did the wrong thing and I’d like to think it doesn’t indicate my character. My main thought is how he is. I’m very remorseful and feel sick about it.

“What will happen will happen. My only thought is how Andy is. It is what it is and what will happen will happen.” Gaff said.

The brother of Andrew Brayshaw, Hamish is teammates with Gaff.

Taking Barry Hall’s famous hit on Brent Staker from 2008 as a precedent, the West Coast midfielder will miss close to the rest of the season through suspension, a devastating blow to the Eagles.


7 West Coast Players That Won’t Be At The Club In 2019

STILL MOVING FORWARD: Mark LeCras and Jack Darling have revitalised their careers in 2018. PHOTO: SoPerth/AFL Media

THIS WEEK’S WESTERN DERBY will still hold significance in its 48th incarnation irrespective of both teams place on the premiership ladder and going on Round 20’s theme of thrilling matches, this could closer than we think. It could see the Eagles gain a stranglehold on the rivalry that encapsulates this state, with an 7th straight derby victory staring them in the face. Fremantle on the other hand are playing for pride and maybe even a big scalp in front of a ‘home’ West Coast crowd. This derby will see first ever Glendinning-Allan Medal handed out to the player judged best afield by expert panelists and it’ll be the first ever time West Coast will host the Dockers at the new home of football in WA, Optus Stadium.

It would be an understatement that this game will also have major significance for the players of both clubs, especially some Eagles that are fighting for their careers. It has been a tough season for the list managment team of West Coast with the majority of their key players out-of-contract and eligible for free agency. They’ve signed Jeremy McGovern and now they have the tough task of acquiring Andrew Gaff and Scott Lycett. It all gets very interesting from here.

In late June I placed the blowtorch on 7 Dockers who will most likely not be playing in purple next season, now I place that very same instrument on the other side of the coin, the West Coast Eagles. Nothing is a certainty in football but it is almost certain these players will not be playing in blue and gold next season.

1. Eric Mackenzie

LUCKLESS: Poor old Eric Mackenzie has not played since this game, the 1st Semi Final versus the Giants last year. PHOTO: The West Australian/AFL Media

Eric Mackenzie has definitely ridden the rollercoaster during his career. A best & fairest winner in 2014, he’s been an underrated key of the West Coast defence for many years. Mackenzie already has missed an entire year of football in 2015, when he tore his ACL in the pre-season. He famously kept Port Adelaide from scoring a behind to win the game in the dying minutes of the Elimination Final in extra time last season, heroically and courageously ramming himself into the behind post. There was even talk at the end of the 2016 season that he’d be traded to Fremantle for Hayden Ballantyne, so it’s been a wild ride. The 30-year-old’s season is over due to a foot injury and it would take a mammoth effort to come back and be fit for 2019, I mean we’ve seen Sydney defender Alex Johnson return after a six-year absence due to knee injuries so anything is possible. We hope for the best for the former Club Champion in his recovery but it is more than likely he’ll be delisted or retire at the end of this season.

2. Will Schofield


I am very ambivalent on Will Schofield. He has had plenty of success for the West Coast over 12 seasons in defence but since 2016 has played 18 games, 10 of which came last year. He’s no doubt a fantastic athlete and solid player but I just don’t think he has enough to stay in the side for 2019 as he’s struggled to keep his spot in a very good team. He’s 29 now, so he brings some experience but not enough edge to West Coast’s backline. Today’s game will be Schofield’s 173 apperance for the Eagles but it may be one of his last. When you think about it, if Eric Mackenzie was fit, I don’t know if you’d see him in the side. I think he’ll be inline for a retirement at the end of this year to make way for a younger defender.

3. Malcolm Karpany


This speedy midfielder has only managed 7 games in 4 years for West Coast. He has shown signs of brilliance in those games though with his most memorable game coming against the Western Bulldogs in Round 15 last year, kicking three goals and gathering 17 disposals. However he’s not yet notched up a game for the Eagles at all this year in a tough season to do so, playing all of his football in the WAFL with East Perth. Unless Karpany can prove something in the lead-up to finals his career could be over.

4. Fraser McInnes

Fraser McInnes (Pictured right) PHOTO: AFL Media

It’s another extraordinary football story, the story of Fraser McInnes. Since arriving at the end of 2011 he has only played 14 senior games for the Eagles, making his debut in 2015. Clearly the coaching staff can see something in him with his strong performances for East Perth, repaying the faith in the ruckman for 7 seasons. He did manage 7 games during the clubs Grand Final year but has only played 7 since then, 4 of them losses. With the rise of Scott Lycett and the return of injured Nathan Vardy, McInnes has just not been able to make it work at AFL level. Expect a delisting at the end of the season.

5. Luke Partington

Luke Partington in action for West Coast affiliate East Perth. PHOTO: The West Australian

A first-round draft pick in 2015, Partington has 6 games and 3 goals under his belt so far in his career. Although he is a young player, the South Australian has been an Eagle unable to break into the side at all this season. At 21, other much younger talent has seen senior action unlike Partington, a worrying sign for the out-of-contract youngster. Unfortunately he hasn’t received any interest it seems from rival clubs, even in his home state. I don’t see him coming into the side in the remaining games of the season, he will need to show some strong form for East Perth to keep his spot on the Eagles list.

6. Matthew Allen


From the same draft and South Australian U-18’s team as his teammate Luke Partington, Allen (no relation to Oscar Allen, also his teammate) has been unable to find a way into the Eagles side for an AFL action during his career unlike the latter. Has had good form in the WAFL but with this current Eagles forward line he’d have to be producing unbeleivable results to break in. Would not expect Allen to be given a contract for next season.

7. Mark LeCras


This is about the 5th bold claim of the article but bare with me folks. Mark LeCras was probably a 60/40 at best to retire at the end of last season after a mediocre year by the crafty forward. He was given a contract however and has definitely proven his worth in 2018, but I still think he’ll retire at the end of this year. So here’s the ultimatum for Mark LeCras , in my opinion, it’s premiership or bust. He missed the 2006 flag despite being on the list and I think he’ll leave nothing left in the tank after this season. He looks good but I really doubt his body could go the journey next year. Don’t be too surprised if you see LeCras announce his retirement next month. If he does end up choosing retirement he’ll go down as an all-time great for West Coast, playing over 200 games and ending up 3rd on the all-time goalkicking list for the Eagles. I do regretably remember those 12 goals vs Essendon in 2010 Mark.

Apologies to the West Coast supporters who’ve hearts I’ve broken with this list.


These are a few players who will be lucky to play in West Coast colours next year or are out-of-contract after the close of this season. These players will likely all stay and be safe in Eagle hands in 2019.

  • Chris Masten
  • Dom Sheed
  • Scott Lycett
  • Andrew Gaff
  • Lewis Jetta
  • Mark Hutchings


Celine Dion returns to Perth to kick off Australian-NZ tour

Celine Dion

Fans of Celine Dion are jumping at the chance to see “the Queen of Las Vegas” live and in the flesh this Saturday, the 4th of August, at Perth Arena.

The “My Heart Will Go On” and “The Power Of Love” singer is returning to Australia for three shows only, one in Perth on Saturday and two in Melbourne. It is her first trip to Perth in a decade.

Celine Dion is one of the resident artists at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, where she has performed over 1,000 times for an estimated 4 million fans, making her the most successful concert residency of all time.

Her career has spanned over 30 years, and she has sold almost 250 million albums worldwide. Tickets are still available for her Perth show but selling out fast, and are available at Ticketek.

Were you disappointed with Ninja Warrior Season Finale?


Aus Ninja Warrior.jpgNot one of the 24 Ninja Warrior finalists were able to make it past Stage 2 of the finale course, when Season 2 came to an end on Tuesday night.

Fans of the hit Channel 9 TV show “Australian Ninja Warrior” were left a little disappointed when they were given no winner on Tuesday night. Season 2 of the Australian version of the show saw none of the 24 finalists complete the intense fitness course, and viewers are disappointed that no one completed the course and “won” the show.

Executive Producer Julie Ward said that while she was also a little disappointed, she urged viewers to have patience. “We make it tough but we don’t make it unbeatable,” she told “We want somebody to win.”

“In testing, that course was do-able. It’s just that nobody did it on the night. There were several of them that could have gone all the way and done it.”

Fans of American Ninja Warrior, the original US show, had to wait 7 years for a winner to be crowned. It seems we may have a bit more of a wait before we can see a winning run.

Brisbane engineering student Rob Patterson took out the award for Fastest and Furtherest. Applications for Season 3 have already opened online.