Roland invoke flashbacks

Roland have stirred up the music business with another addition to their boutique line of hardware.

The Roland D-05 plays homage to the legendary D-50 released back in 1987 which helped define the sound of the late ‘80s with its instantly recognizable mix of sampled attacks and synthesized sustaining waveforms, plus built-in chorus, reverb, and EQ. It’s the basis of classic tracks in a wide range of genres including synth pop, new wave, new jack, and R&B, and can be heard in countless film scores of the era.

The interface is where the opinions are split with “that joystick” attracting the wrath of many keen musicians. Ideally, to be attractive this neat package needs to be bundled with computer based programming software….the standard is just too finicky….

The Killers Announce 2018 Australian Arena Tour

Possibly the biggest concert news of the year was announced late last night with The Killers confirming they will be touring Australia next year. They’d been locked in as performers at the grand final this year, which people were hoping would lead into a full tour, and IT HAS. FINALLY.


Their tour will begin in April 2018 in Brisbane, and they’ll work their way around the country before playing here in Perth on May 1st at Perth Arena. This will be the first time the band has toured the country since 2013 when they played here as part of the Big Day Out, and they’ll be touring in support of their new album Wonderful Wonderful. 

Tickets will go on sale Tuesday October 3rd. No prices have been announced as of yet, but really, is price a factor when it comes to seeing THE KILLERS? Um, probably not?!

Couple jump into Crocodile infested water to evade Police

Northern Territory police are concerned for two people who evaded a police roadblock by jumping into the crocodile rich Mary River.

Northern Territory are seeking information on the whereabouts of 19-year-old Caitlyn Munnich and 25-year-old Raphael Woodhouse. “Police had set up a random road block”. When they tried to stop the car went off the road into a bush. . A spokesperson for the NT police said


“The pair ran from the car and were seen running towards the river and they jumped in the river.” The top end of the Mary river has among the highest concentration of salt water crocodiles.

Duty Superintendent James O’Brien said in a statement the police hold “grave fears” for their welfare.

The pair was last seen near the Bird Billabong

A 26 year old man Sean Cole died from a crocodile attack after swimming in the Mary River in 2013 during a birthday party.

Welcome to Twin Peaks

Ah, Twin Peaks. The greatest television show of all time. Originally broadcast in 1990-1991, this bizarrely quirky show came out of the mind of David Lynch and into the lounge rooms of unsuspecting people all over the world. The show focused on the small town of Twin Peaks, which was rocked by the death of local prom queen and all-around portrait of perfection, Laura Palmer. The show was a ratings hit initially, but corporate meddling forced the writers and directors to reveal Laura’s killer early in the second season, and ratings plummeted, causing the show’s premature cancellation. It ended on a massive cliffhanger, possibly the worst cliffhanger in the history of fiction, and that was that.

In 2013, 21 years after the show finished, Showtime announced that they would be continuing the series for an eighteen episode run. Twin Peaks: The Return was launched earlier this year, and we’re currently fourteen episodes into the season.  

How can I describe this show to someone who hasn’t ever watched it before? It’s pretty much impossible. How can I even begin to talk about what’s going on? Nope, totally not happening. This season has been one of the most bizarre, surreal things I’ve ever seen- director/writer/creator Lynch created an episode which was literally 45 minutes of flying through an atomic bomb as it went off in the desert. I can’t even describe it. It’s art, it’s complete art. The original 1990 show had some semblance of a plot but this … it’s on another level. From episode to episode I have no idea what’s going on, characters and plotlines are introduced briefly, discarded, then pop up again 13 episodes later. Beloved characters from the original series bear no resemblance to their original selves, which is both deeply frustrating but also deeply satisfying.

There are four episodes left before the series ends, and while I have a feeling that this season will end in a way that is just as unsatisfying as the original 1990 run, I don’t really care because it’s just been so brilliant and every episode thus far has truly played with my perception of what a television show should actually be- it’s complete genius. Everyone needs to watch it.

Taylor’s Big Win!

Taylor Swift has gained one US Dollar after winning a lawsuit she filed against a DJ who allegedly groped her. The jury found that DJ David Muller did indeed grope Swift back in 2013 at a fan meet-and-greet.

Swift had filed the lawsuit for only $1 to stand up for sexual assault. Mueller sued Taylor Swift in 2015 for defamation, claiming that the groping allegation was false and that she had ruined his career.  Mueller had asked for $250,000 USD, claiming that Swift’s mother was involved in him getting fired from his previous radio station, KYGO. His claim was later denied.

A photo of the groping, obtained by TMZ, was used in court, and visually shows Mueller groping Swift from behind.  Since her win, Swift has said thank you to her legal team and to her fans, and has announced she will be donating to multiple organisations that help sexual assault victims seeking help to defend themselves.

Dunkirk Movie Review

Christopher Nolan’s 10th film Dunkirk delivers an action packed take on the historical retreat of over 400,000 allied forces in 1940 at the beaches at Dunkirk, France across the English Channel.

As far as war movies go, this is a movie that does not have to embellish or stretch facts or heroics to make a better movie as the historical events are packed with the heroism of individuals from the campaign.

Starring Tom Hardy, Mark Rylance, Cillian Murphy, Kenneth Branagh, and Harry Styles acting debut. The film is a much needed take on the titanic evacuation of defeated France to allied Britain and certainly worth a ticket for any war or action buffs out there Nolan has taken this genre and given it a fresh new look. Dunkirk was release on the 13th of July and showing in all cinemas now.

With a 92% on rotten tomatoes there’s no reason not to.

Remembering Amy “Before Frank”

This month will mark the 6th anniversary of Amy Winehouse’s premature death.

An unsettling fact that even 6 years down her passing is still very difficult for us to stomach…

A member of the elusive and remarkably tragic “27 club”, Amy Winehouse passed away as a result of accidental alcohol poisoning at the tender age. After undoubtably making a significant impact on the world through her music and tumultuous private life, the world is still so fascinated by the very talented, late songstress.

“Before Frank” is the latest memoir to pay homage to the late star. And this one has pictures… Lot’s and lots of pictures…

Credit: Photography — Charles Moriarty

Now before you have any preconceived idea of what kinds of photos you think you’d be seeing of Amy — think again…

Credit: Photography — Charles Moriarty

This collection of photos will expose a different side to Amy that the world is probably not familiar with — a much happier Amy, “Before Frank”. “Before Frank” is a book made up of photographs of the English songstress shot by photographer Charles Moriarty during intimate photo sessions. The book will feature previously unseen photos of Amy Winehouse taken around the release of her debut studio album ‘Frank’. A much happier Amy Winehouse — perhaps even the happiest we’ve ever seen.

The book is currently in the works after receiving funding from a Kickstarter campaign. “Before Frank” is set to be the latest intimate portrait of Amy’s life following the 2015 release of the highly acclaimed yet criticised “Amy” documentary directed by Asif Kapadia.

Charles Moriarty who actually formed a friendship with Winehouse contrary to Kapadia — had this to say about the “Amy” documentary when compared to his book…

“I saw Asif Kapadia’s movie “Amy” last year and I came away with this deep sadness and I wanted to leave people with something happier. I think it’s an amazing documentary but Before Frank is something different and casts her in a fresher and happier light. For me it feels like sharing a memory I’ve had for a long time. I think they needed to come out. We were kids when these photos were taken, Amy was just twenty, and we just had such a fun time.”

Credit: Photography — Charles Moriarty

The book is set to be self-released (without a ‘big-shot’ publisher) in August 2017 and is a great testament of a real friend preserving a loved one’s memory. Below are come images that can be found in “Before Frank”. These shots reveal a healthy, seemingly happy and relaxed Amy Winehouse. A refreshing perspective and contrast to the bombardment of far more heartbreaking tabloid images that noted her last years with us…


Married, Malibu, Man Taunt.

Drake and Josh star Josh Peck has tied the knot with his long time partner Paige O’Brien. No longer the overweight dorky teen he was during the show, he is now 30 years old, trimmed down, and madly in love.


The wedding was held in Malibu in front of friends and other celebrities. However, his famous co-star Drake Bell was not invited. Bell took to Twitter saying “When you’re not invited to the wedding the message is clear…”. He has since deleted the tweet, but then posted “I’ll miss you brotha”.

Quite sad for Drake and Josh fans, but also very exciting that the star has settled down.

Be Encouraged to take a Chance

Chance The Rapper is not only a great artist, but it turns out he is a great quality guy as well. He will be providing professional sign language interpretation for hearing impaired fans on the remaining dates of his Be Encouraged Tour.


The hip hop legend has invited American Sign Language (ASL) expert Matt Maxey to translate his song lyrics whilst he performs live on stage. At one of his shows recently in Florida, Chance (real name Chancelor Bennett) gave out 50 free front row tickets to hearing impaired fans, whilst Maxey and two other interpreters translated on stage.

It is slowly becoming more common for artists to provide their own translators at gigs, which would save fans lots of time, money and effort, as many fans have to bring their own translators to gigs. Props to Chance the Rapper for always winning our hearts!

Sweet Lips

Everyone’s favourite donut company has delivered the goods! This time, they’re breaking into the cosmetics industry with donut flavoured lip balms, and we’re more than excited. With five flavours to choose from, you’ll have plenty of options for your next sweet kiss.

lip balm
Insta cred: @thejunkfoodaisle

The flavours, as pictured above, are glazed strawberry, glazed chocolate cake, original glazed, chocolate iced glazed with sprinkles, and glazed cruller. It’s currently a little hard to get your hands on the full set of five, but three flavours can be purchased individually: strawberry sprinkles, glazed chocolate cake, and strawberry iced.